Weight Gr/m. X mm. X mm. Y mm. Y mm. M 42, 58, M 44, 90, M 44, 68, M 37, 75, M “M i n i”. Consult ALUMIL S.A.’s Technical Brochure COMFORT M brochure on HINGED SYSTEM NON INSULATED COMFORT M is a cost efficient and. M is the most lightweight system for opening and/or tilt frames. Basic depth of system 37 mm Water and air tightness is achieved with three levels.

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Aluminum profiles with a thermal bridge. Flat Type of thermal insulation: Unprotected alumol rusts and attacks aluminium. The constructions made by I Mini system differ not only in their quality and elegance but also in their moderate price. Cooperates perfectly with the M Aero for sliding fames. The depth of the system is 45mm.

M is a non thermal break system for sturdy, very high sliding doors, covering all kind of typologies, with the unique characteristic of a totally concealed in the floor stainless steel rail. It is among the top suppliers of branded aluminium systems for architectural use in Europe.

Hinged non insulated system COMFORT M940

We offer high quality productions, available variety of assortment, as well as a guaranty for alumip fast delivery of the product. M M M 10,50 Profiles for angular constructions and other special applications.

Contact with copper and its alloys is extremely harmful to aluminium. With special roller hinges of heavy duty type, and the last vent may be used as an entrance door. If water and mild detergents are not enough to clean the aluminium constructions there are detergents that have been specially developed for aluminium surfaces.


Alumil Aluminium S M S S M M M M

Lukewarm water should be with a non-aggressive, non-acetous detergent without aonia for cleaning the aluminium. This system was developed by the company Deceuninck with the best traditions and maintenance of new technologies. Appropriate distance of 4mm between the sash and the frame for continuous application of sealing gaskets even behind the hinges.

Indeed, when aluminium and steel structures are compared, aluminium’s greater modulus of elasticity means that weight ratios of 1: Technical characteristics Aluminum alloy Alumil created the innovative sliding system S according to the modern architectural trends and the requirements for higher energy-efficient systems and excellent performances.

High levels of thermal insulation combined with a great variety of innovative design solutions, make S the ideal solution for building modern residences as well as for frames replacements.

Big variety of profiles which can be used according to the required typology and construction solution. Smooth and easy scrolling of the sashes by using stainless steel rollers in combination with stainless steel rails. The design, the production process, and the quality control of all profiles produced by Alumil are certified with ISO Nevertheless, inadvertent errors in information may occur. Narrow interlocking profile with 39 mm visible aluminum face width.

Alumil 940 pdf

WK 3 anti burglar protection. It is this capability to provide simple elegant solutions to extremely complex design problems that has led to aluminium’s enduring appeal. Aluminum door and window frames and handrails The aluminum door and window frames are unique in their importance.


Alumil offers a full range of advanced systems for facades with various curtain wall systems for every alujil, desire and choice, which meet the requirements of the most demanding projects worldwide. Contact with stainless steel on the other hand has alumi been found to be harmful to aluminium to date.

Extra concealed profiles available for water drainage.

Surface treatment The following colours are available: The filling of the system is from 10mm to 32mm. Basic depth of system 45 mm.

Aluminium maintenance Both anodised and painted aluminium should be cleaned on a regular basis. Contact with copper and its alloys is extremely harmful to aluminium. Then you should thoroughly rinse the aluminium with clear water and dry absorbing cloth.

Suitable for any typology of sliding constructions. Only 25 mm visible aluminium face width at the interlocking profile. Crimp cleat Crimp cleat Aluminum Special 24mm anti-distortion polyamides, for avoiding the banana effect, due to high temperature differences between indoors and outdoors.

This system offers satisfying thermal insulation and enhanced security level. Aluminum profiles without a thermal bridge.

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