DESIGNED TO GO WHEREVER INSPIRATION TAKES YOU The alula-TREK is the latest version of the the world’s most popular bird-inspired RC glider. I probably shouldn’t be posting this before the maiden but whatever Blues Alula is just to sexy. Sexy and very time consuming to build/sand so. Just built myself a little micro glider, its based on a popular Alula DLG. Its a fun little plane to trow around the backyard. My friend recorded

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Thumb Wing Glider – Alula-ish DIY Glider – RC Groups

I’ve just bought one of these, and I’m having troubles with the electrics. Since this was going to be for DLG, I needed a strong wing joint. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Jun 07, The pans is over wide to take the fuz sides and it gets trimmed down and shaped later. Oct 27, So excited to try this thing out!

I had an idea about leaving the elevons aalula howerver placing some carbons strips across the grain to keep them stiff. Feb 21, It’s when you copy a design and then try to sell it that it becomes illegal or just downright un-cool. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Micro Alula glider

KFm-2 CG appears to be 3inches from leading edge. May 29, In lift, I alyla been getting 2 minute plus flights and every couple tosses result in flights over one minute.


I like its “bite” on the finger better than a round rod. I would still resist the temptation to add lots of tape though – this is meant to be as light as possible – maybe not as light as the orignal Alula, but still light enough to thermal and slope on very little available lift. At this point I realised perhaps -: Feb 26, The cut ran perpendicular to the hinge line.

I wanted to share this design because not everyone can afford the real Alula or Weasel, and this one does compare very favorably to the original. Just a note on the A-clones glide Planz you going to launch it SAL or by a bungee or by some other method?

VERY – Way to much throw – CG was a little to forward allula Couldn’t go to full throttle since my throws were set so high Just need to correct those things and she is going to be one sweet ride.

You can now plan and apula your Fuzz sides I also blotted all excess resin with a paper towel after applying a coat to keep the weight down. I noticed it on my W-clone rebuild Hi All, Its been a while since I posted – I have tended to read here far more than post – so I thought I would write a little something about my recent flirtation with the Alula Evo not least of all because it was mentioned on another Gliders and Gliding thread recently.

  ISO 7811-4 PDF

Alula Evo – build and first thoughts

So, plnas just call this one a “Thumb Wing” Glider, If you know what Alula means, you know what a thumb wing is. You need to log-in to comment on articles. Images View all Images in thread.

Well, that’s my 2 cents!! Jul 23, Gone are the days it seems, when you had to buy plzns direct from dream-flight in the USA though you still can of course and get your spare bits from there also.

I used two D servos 4. Feel free to set me straight on this if I’m off, though. Now I can see Ive forgotten to plas sure the relationship of one half to the other was kept correct So on our lunch break he got to fly the for the first time.

Maybe for a powered version you use a stick mount motor mount. If you have a KF build I recommend sanding down the steps and capping over to get a smooth surface Feb 17, The wings shape is as per the Alula or Weasel. This is made using 4x3mm layers 3″ long x 2″ wide Mar 03, ,

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