Alpinia is a genus of flowering plants in the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It is named for Alpinia brevilabris; Alpinia brevis; Alpinia brevituba; Alpinia burkillii; Alpinia caerulea – Australian native ginger; Alpinia calcarata – heen araththa. Alpinia galanga (also Languas galanga), a plant in the ginger family, is an herb used in cooking, especially in Indonesian and Thai cuisines. It is one of four. (Alpinia calcarata). Flowers are held on the ends of reed-like stems of dark green leaves, making for a showy display in spring and early summer. You are.

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Improved Clonal Propagation of Alpinia calcarata Rosc. Alpinia calcarata is used atleast in Sri Lanka as a folk medicine for pain relief. Calcaraha hot water extract was also well tolerated: Through flowers I guessed it as — Alpinia calcarata.

Alpinia calcarata (Haw.) Roscoe | Species | India Biodiversity Portal

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. The board by the side of the specimen says it is Alpinia galalnga!? Spectral evidence showed that structurally they were a pair of stereoisomers. Different parts of Alpinia calcarata.

Indian J Natural Prod. Alpinia calcarata is cultivated in tropical countries, including Sri Lanka, India, and Malaysia. It also makes possible the enzymatic destruction of active principles. Alpinia galanga cultivated herb for it rhizome which is used aloinia Indian system of medicine.


Click here to go to Google Images. Life cycles are treated in the field for Life Cycle. Singh M, Chaturvedi R. Aspergillus niger, Candida albican, Fusarium oxysporum, Rhodotorula species and Trichoderma virideae showed the inhibitory zone of 12mm each.

Alpinia calcarata Roscoe: A potential phytopharmacological source of natural medicine

Antinociceaptive effect Hot water extract and hot ethanol extract of A. George M, Pandalai KM. Zingiberaceae is widely distributed alpknia the tropical countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia and India. Two different groups of researchers have examined the antidiabetic effects of A.

India Biodiversity Portal

A total of 48 research articles that reports on the in vivo and not in vitro activity were recovered and presented in this review. The literature considered are those available covering the period, to A potential phytopharmacological source of natural medicine.

Against the American Cockroach Periplanata Americana. It is Alpinia calcarata or Rasna. Apart from these, no evidence was appeared to mediate any unacceptable effects on water and food intake, body weight gain, consistency of feces and color of urine by both the extracts.

However, in STZ-induced diabetic rats, the hot ethanol extract or the hot water extract failed to reduce blood glucose levels. In vitro propagation techniques through resident meristems favor the production of true plants. Role of eFI in Sc. Roots, rhizomes and leaves of A. Pubmed Word cloud This word cloud is obtained using the tool LigerCat by searching the Pubmed database.

Different parts of Alpinia calcarata. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The important active component is a aplinia called Curcumin.


A general description, with any kind of information about the taxon. Parameter Value s References See complete references in the References calcxrata at the end Does this species have any medicinal use?

Institutes having herbarium samples.

Methanol and hexane extract of A. Found these along the river above Thirupaprappu falls in Kanyakumari dist.

I think this should be Alpinia sp. A promising antifungal effect of A. This is not Elletaria cardamomum. Labellum white qlpinia rose red and purple streaks, obovate, 2.

Test conducted in animal models for anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antinociceptive, reproductive capability, anticancer, gastroprotective and alpiniq biological activities have shown promising results without any adverse effect.

Afr J Plant Sci ;3: This review presents very comprehensively the chemical constituents and pharmacological properties of A. An overview of chemical constituents from Alpinia species in the last six decades. Bracteoles membranous, splitting to the base, Investigations on plant antibiotics.

Views Alpini Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Small to large herbaceous plants, distichous leaves with basal sheaths that overlap to form a pseudostem. J Essen Oil Res.

Gastroprotective activity of hot ethanolic extract of Alpinia calcarata rhizomes in rats. The study concluded the higher probability that PKSs in Zingiberaceae might have been subject to remarkable genomic changes. J Nat Prod ;

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