The re-release of Allan Sekula’s seminal book critiquing the bond between capitalism and representations of material culture. Photography has. Ohio Arts Council. ERRATA Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Page For Read Sekula, Allan Photography against the grain x, line 29 an overt a covert. Photography against the grain: essays and photo works, Front Cover. Allan Sekula. Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design,

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All specificity except the specificity of form is pared away from the photograph until it stands transformed into an abstraction. Studies in Marxist Dialecticstrans. Bakhtin and his associates was to establish a sociology of literature based on a recognition of the “heteroglossia” of “living language,” on a photogrraphy of discourse as an arena of ideological and social difference and conflict. Want to Read saving….

Instead of calling for thf end to the violence, he called for more fighting and more collective action. Now I would argue that this photograph and its caption have the status of legal docu- ment. The Secret Agxinst couldn’t believe it the first time they saw me drive up in that car. The meaning of a photograph consisted of whatever it yielded to a rationalized act of “interpretation.

This general definition implies, of course, that a photograph is an utterance of some sort, that it carries, or is, a message. For Stieglitz, The Steerage is a highly valued illustration of this autobiography. The basic facts are these: We must not derive realism as such from particular existing works, but we shall brain every means, old and new, tried and untried, derived from art and derived from other sources, to render reality to men in a form they can master.


Regarded separately, each image seems to be marked most significantly by the passage of time. In other words, we can speak of a rhetorical function. Why should one assume that this understanding is solely the intellectual prop- erty of specialists?

Photography Against the Grain by Allan Sekula | Features : TANK Magazine

The carte- de-visite represented a move in this direction; presumably, every French peasant could own a visiting-card portrait of Louis Napoleon and family. An ideological bludgeon wielded at an audience of lower-class women, the seula magazine upholds the virtues of femi- nine passivity and submission, offering its readers covert instruc- tion in the mechanics of living gracefully with male violence.

The problem at hand is one of sign emergence; only by devel- oping seoula historical understanding of the emergence of photographic sign systems can we apprehend the truly conventional nature of photographic communication. We are to believe that, ggrain the span of a few seconds in a public bar, this celebrated woman reinvented herself in the face of her husband’s threats and a photographer’s flash.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. These are not cliches to him. Photographs achieve semantic status as fetish objects and as documents. Each image was printed on extremely fragile tissue; the viewer I 1 II! Leo marked it as to-read Sep 26, Rather, it was revamped or reshaped into a form more conducive to the myths of neoliberalism.

In the Shadow of History fig. It was impossible to think about photography without recognizing the importance of historical shifts in the meaning, function and cultu- ral status of photographic representation.

If possible, I would extend my bogus ignorance to the limit, divesting both images of author- ship and context, as though I and the photographs fell from the sky. James added it Jul 22, One already published essay which seeks to develop some of these themes further is not included here. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Taylor Boudreaux marked it as to-read Jan 07, In a very important sense, the notion of discourse is a notion of limits.


Viewed together, the two photographs seem to occupy a rather narrow iconographic terrain. Estheticism must be superseded, in its entirety, for a meaningful art, of any sort, to emerge.

Within the context of intelligence operations the only “rational” questions were those that addressed the photograph at the indexical level, such as: A case in point was the organisation of the Independent Media Center Indymedia.

Books by Allan Sekula. Thus his “madonnas” are both sacred and sec- ular icons. Can any discourse but a mechanized one be located in this? Ute Eskildsen is also to be thanked for her decision to exhibit the photo works in this volume at the Folkwang Museum in Essen, West Germany, early in Evocative here is another photo-essay Sekula finished the year Life stopped printing: The shadow of a biplane is fixed against the outer wall of a chateau.

Photography Against the Grain: Essays and Photo Works, 1973-1983

Paul rated it it was ok Dec 28, Galella is allowed to figure incidentally, and in a negative way, in a narrative that depends on his doggedly obtained “evidence. I went as far forward on deck as I could. According to Walter Benjamin, mass repro- duction represents a qualitative as well as a quantitative change in the status of the photographic message. The invention of the “photographer of genius” is possible rlive Bell “What is Art?

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