Alexandre Astruc’s canonical essay, ‘The Birth of a New Avant-Garde: La Caméra -Stylo’ (), is considered a key precursor in the study of cinematic. Digital video and Alexandre Astruc’s. caméra-stylo: the new avant-garde in. documentary realized? Bjørn Sørenssen Norwegian University of Science and T . La caméra-stylo. Alexandre Astruc. “What interests ine in the cinema is abstraction.’ (Orson Welles). One casinot help noticing that something is happening in the.

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Let us now have a look at the way people make concessions to the supposed but fallacious requirements of the cinema.

Caméra-stylo | film technique |

It is an art that cannot live by looking back over the past and chewing over the nostalgic memories of an age gone by. Reprinted online at Kino Slang: But as soon as we acknowledge this fact, we also have to acknowledge the tendentious nature of these cultural memories.

Language is a mode of abstraction since it converts our everyday perceptions into concepts or signs. In these terms, to say that language is an abstraction should not be understood exclusively in negative terms, for abstraction is not simply a subtraction, extraction or reduction of experience. To ignore the conjunction of human and technology is thus not only to leave unremarked an essential component in man’s evolution, but also to leave technology in the hands of technocrats and asteuc.

The theme, a feminist one, concerned a wife Annie Girardotwho tires of merely being a social asset to her husband and finds an outlet by running an art gallery and taking a lover. It was trying to create a specific domain for the cinema; we on the contrary are seeking to broaden it and make it the most extensive and clearest language there is. With this in mind, and as a final homage to Astruc, let me end the same way he ended his piece 67 years ago: Stiegler is not wrong to suggest alexandrr film and other related media technologies have troubling components; after all, cinema does evolve into big business that attempts to maximise profits through a set of principles or rules that function to delimit the uses to which the technology might be put.

I would go further: What we need, more than ever, are individuals who do not passively accept the technologies of their day, but work to transform them from within and, in the process, expand the possibilities of what can be said and what can be thought for the next generation.


To come to the point: In any case, they were doing no more than make cinematic adaptations of their experiments in painting and poetry. For more, see Bernard Stiegler trans.

This inheritance is the result of technics that allow for the preservation and dissemination of cultural memory. The most philosophical meditations on human production, psychology, metaphysics, ideas, camrea passions lie within its province.

Could one imagine a Faulkner novel written by someone alexxndre than Faulkner? Every film, because its primary function is to move, i. The majority of prisoners do not transform their life, or like him become philosophers. By it I mean that the cinema will gradually break free from the tyranny of the visual, from the image for its own sake, from the immediate and concrete demands of the narrative, to become a means of writing just as flexible and subtle as written language.

French New Wave and international new wave cinema. Oxford University Press,pp.

At the same time, the temporal images czmera for films and television become the foundation, the memory bank or archive, for future generations of mankind — thus allowing for the replication of the same ideas and beliefs, and the same debased notions of community and individuality.

Instincts on Trump University Keston Sutherland.

Alexandre Astruc – Wikipedia

But neither the silent cinema, because it was the slave of a static conception of the image, nor the classical sound cinema, as it has existed right up to now, has been able to solve this problem satisfactorily.

However, the Nouvelle Chic might have been a more appropriate way of categorising it, with its white sports cars, cocktail parties, a recording studio, modern skyscrapers, jazz and Bach on the soundtrack and quick, slick cross-cutting.

Astruc begins his essay by suggesting that something qualitatively new is happening in the cinema. Adrian Martin Alexandre Astruc, who died on 19 May in Sttylo at the age of 92, is best camerz throughout the world for a single essay that he wrote inwhen he was only The existence of the Nouvelle Vague to cite just one exampleand its continued ability to inspire future generations of filmmakers, belies the claim that cinema develops along a single course, with everything assimilated into a single, hegemonic form.

Stanford University Press,pp. But it is significant that the films which fail to obtain the blessing of the critics are precisely those which myself alexanre several atylo my friends all agree about. This metaphor has a very precise sense. This dream took longer to materialize, and it subsequently manifested itself in diverse ways in the works of people scattered about the globe: Zlexandre is thus relocated in us rather than in the world.


Alexandre Astruc

University of California Press,p. One day soon, filmmaking equipment would become smaller, cheaper, more flexible although Astruc was not yet able to imagine the advent of electronic videotape. Only a film critic could fail to notice the striking facial transformation which is taking place before our very eyes. Leroi-Gourhan’s thesis is that while the cortical system of the human brain has remained largely unchanged since the Neanderthal period, the human being has continued to evolve because of the relationship he develops astric technics.

There was a time and place for it inand there is a time and place for it inin the age of digital and the Internet.

In other words, in order to suggest the passing of time, there is no need to show falling leaves and then apple trees in blossom; and in order to suggest that a hero wants to make love there are surely other ways of going about it than showing a saucepan of milk boiling over on to the stove, as Henri-Georges Clouzot does in Quai des Orfevres Jenny Lamour.

In their hands, Balzac becomes a collection of engravings in which fashion has the most important place, and Dostoievsky suddenly begins to resemble the novels of Joseph Kessel, with Russian-style drinking-bouts in night-clubs and troika races in the snow. This is not to say that the majority of works produced in the past ten years have attempted to utilise technics in such a fashion; quite the contrary, for the most part, the majority of users simply wish to replicate the cinematic and televisual forms that they are familiar with, and which they recognise however falsely as their own.

The films will come, they will see the light of day – make no mistake about it.

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