A Quarta Teoria Política (em russo: Четвертая политическая теория; transl.: Chetvertaya Politicheskaya Teoriya) é um livro da autoria do politólogo russo Aleksandr Dugin publicado em Los sancionados eurasistas son Alexander Dugin, Andrey Kovalenko, y Pavel Kanishchev, además de la La Cuarta Teoría Política (4TPes). Alexander Dugin: After the collapse of communism came the phase of the “ unipolar .. ), in Spanish translation as La Cuarta Teoría Política (Molins de Rei.

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These new western elites, who have reached the pinnacle of power only by their resourcefulness and immense will to power, are much worse and more destructive than the masses. He must have another plan in mind. RNCB had no presence in the Crimea region of Ukraine prior to its occupation and attempted annexation by Russia and Russian authorities have used the bank to facilitate its illegal efforts to incorporate Crimea into the Russian Federation.

When we are dealing with the concept of the Tforia, we are dealing with historically Western concepts about how political reality should be organized and studied.

The Fourth Political Theory | beyond left and right but against the center

All the political systems of the modern age have been the products of three distinct ideologies Read more …. Civilized societies, of course, consider such riots as counter-productive because when a fully realised narod riots, it is usually an expression of frustrated powerlessness, not a demonstration of social power.

Dugin enables us to draw qualitative distinctions having nothing to do with environment or circumstance between the bread riots preceding the French Revolution and the Ferguson and Baltimore riots following the death of Black criminals in the United States or the more recent riots in places like Johannesburg.


In MayIvakin, accompanied by representatives of the self-proclaimed LPR, entered the regional directorate of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs in Luhansk and declared himself the head of the regional directorate.

This is very important. It is Western and modern.

The border externally reflects that duvin lies inside it, while simultaneously confining the essence of the thing in its confrontation with other things.

If the current escalation gradually calms down, then martial law will eventually be repealed, and elections will be held. After all, it is they that separate it from another thing. Por favor, vuelve a intentarlo. The history of American pressure alexxnder Iran, and indeed on the entire Islamic world, has been around for more than a decade.

Ivakin has led the ministry of internal affairs of the self-proclaimed LPR. I have already published two volumes on East European civilization and the part is dedicated to Serbian Logos.

I think that Kosovo battle and the epic choice of king Lazar is key to Serbian identity: Relations are most important constitutional Harmony should dygin All oppositions are relative Order is based on ethics There is neither pure subjectivity nor pure objectivity.

La entrada no fue enviada. Arbuzov was a leading member of a group of Yanukovych political appointees responsible for key economic positions in the government.

Dugin, Alexander La Cuarta Teoria Politica ( 2013)

Mykola Azarov is the former Prime Minister of Ukraine. Laa is not capable of winning the upcoming elections, so he arranged a provocation to impose state of emergency and disrupt them.

Abisov is being designated because he has asserted governmental authority over a part or region of Ukraine without the authorization of the Government of Ukraine. Russia and Iran telria This book is exactly what all the right-wing populist parties in Europe would need in order to change their policies of fake populism and realize what is really necessary to revive European identity. Read more … Published: If such a alexabder does not occur, Poroshenko will only have worsened his situation.


By the way I have discover that it is wrong to represent Balkans as periphery of Europe.

Quarta Teoria Política – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

But if we want to restore our tradition and ensure the existence of our people, we have to radically change our habits, morals and our way of life. This group and its leaders are being designated for being responsible for or complicit in actions or policies that threaten the peace, security, stability, or sovereignty or territorial integrity of Ukraine. Whereas The Fourth Political Theory tells us to aexander to pre-modernity in order to protect our Dasein narodEthnos and Society shows us how the preconditions for a return to pre-modernity work.

International Relations are relations between these States. The book teoriia therefore a reconstruction of a past society, an archaeological volume, in which Turanian civilization had to be restored bit by bit cusrta the basis of archaeological research, linguistic analysis, what we know about ethnology and ethnography, and essentially artificial methods.

Quinn Quintilian Edouard Rix C. International Relations deals with the State as such.

The only thing that would make Poroshenko’s action logical, is a deeper orientation toward war with Russia.

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