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Given that Alexander saw himself as a new Achilles, his desire to honor his friend just as Achilles had honored Patroclus is understandable. It is highly readable, and a great achievement.

Their library was as complete as you could hope for in such a place. These parts read like a doctoral dissertation on the pros and cons of various possibilities e. Whatever else he was, Alexander was probably the greatest conqueror, general and explorer in history llane to do all he did by the age of 32 is astonishing.

Alexander the Great by Robin Lane Fox

I don’t think so. No great sea battle was necessary, and the final battle against Persian king Darius would be fought at Gaugamela, in Mesopotamia.

Although I had to slog through some portions, I’d recommend it to anyone interested in classical history, or curious about mujdo man behind the legend. Even today Alexander is held in high regard among the people of Afghanistan.

Feb 12, Marcus rated it really liked it. At the time of his death, Alexander was making plans for an invasion of Arabia and for advances west toward the Atlantic Ocean.

In the case of the subject of this book, Alexander the Great happens to be his most studied and focused area. However Fox writes as an academic, outlining the historical beliefs of the period, and drawing together a story that way. Sometimes there is speculation as to what would have come about if he went west, but he didn’t, so we do not need to worry and anyway that was never going to happen because Alexander did not have a problem with Rome. Return to Book Page.


Trivia About Alexander the Great.

Lane Fox, Robin. Alejandro Magno. Conquistador Del Mundo [2015]

It’s a wonderfully balanced book, which loves Alexander in a clear-eyed, pragmatic way, and argues against his being a tyrant without needing to romanticise him into someone who intended some sort of br It’s taken me months to get through this — it’s a very dense book, with all the controversies worked out on the page in front of you and nothing pat.

In by creating the professional soldier he could be assured not only that his army would be properly trained but he did not have to worry about soldiers deserting come spring time to return home to plant their crops. Oh, but the maps at least in the paperback are terrible! This book is not for the casually interested however.

A third one I read was about the first Punic War. Jun 12, Bruce rated donquistador really liked it. It’s taken me months to get through this — it’s a very dense book, with all the controversies worked out on the page in front of you and nothing pat. Brilliant book, i finished it about two weeks ago and its still bubbling away in my head, it was written kane the ealy ‘s but its likely still the best book on him, i certainly won’t be reading further on Alexander because i felt nothing more needs to conquustador said.

I had already become a devoted Hellenophile. My favorite part of the book was when Alexander became king and conquered his empire. I am not a classicist; I am not really interested in Mediterranean history nor in warriors or tales of conquest. Alexander was educated by a tutor who happened to be a greek philosopher named Aristotle. Aug 25, Patricia rated it it was amazing Shelves: I pushed ffox through pages of run-on sentences and jumps in logic.

His experiences in the battle scenes gave him insight into just how intimidating various battle lines could be as well as how horses conuistador react to them. This is not an absolute truth though as during this intervening period we see the rise and decline of the Hellenistic society. I doubt there’s a more detailed book on Alexander out kagno.


When King Philip was assassinated by one of his own bodyguards, Alexander then became king of Macedonia. This backg Not your average biography. His example of understanding the cultures he conquered and turning their existing rulers and traditions into instruments of rule must have also influenced wise leaders from the Apostles to the victors of the Second World War.

It presumes a ddel grounding in the ancient conquistsdor, and it is certainly not the kind of book you can skim or read quickly: He had been a historical advisor for Oliver Stone’s film Alexander and had participated in the scenes portraying cavalry engagements. I read late into the night for several days almost unable to put this volume down until I needed a break from the sheer depth and weight of the text.

Such a bore I could not finish it. That said, I thought that Professor Fox made too big a deal out ofx Alexander’s passions. The ruthlessness, the purges, murderous fits of drunken temper, the war crimes by today’s standards – none are glossed over.

Oct 21, Greg James rated it it was amazing. A moving tale and incredibly factual, it is the best book I have ever found about this incredible figure in history. However it is very informative and thorough so if you are an historian or a fan of Alexander I guess this book may be of value to you. Was it appropriate to give them the air time Professor Fox did?

One can only imagine what he might have achieved had he lived.

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