A musician is transported into a land of magic—from the #1 New York Times– bestselling author of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Trek Into Darkness. Spellsinger (The Spellsinger Adventures) [Alan Dean Foster] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A musician is transported into a land of. Editorial Reviews. Review. “One of the most consistently inventive and fertile writers of science fiction and fantasy.” —The Times. “Alan Dean Foster is a master.

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Yes, I’m a trope whore.


New words I learned: Somehow the whole thing is supposed to be toster political commentary of sorts, but it doesn’t have any teeth to speak of. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It’s like Sci Fi took over some Fantasy and threw in a few words here and there that are “sciencey. It turns out that Jon-Tom did settle down with Talea, though she is portrayed as the loyal, subservient wife who stays at home for years while Jon-Tom is out travelling the world.

I just didn’t really like any of the characters, and the book just ended. Some particularly funny scenes when the perambulator changes up reality for the characters. The story initially deals with the characters of Jonathan Thomas Meriweatherreferred to by the locals as Jon-Tom, when he is unwillingly pulled into a fantasy world by the turtle wizard Clothahump.

Cautious is a raccoon from book six, who comes from a Cajun-style tribe of animals. I have never tried to re-read the series, because I fear Spellsinger isn’t actually objectively particularly amazing, but I still have an overstrong affection for the song Sloop John Band call the tiny moving dots in the side of one’s field of vision ‘gneechees’.

In book eight Neena was retconned to her name being Noctor. Highly fozter as always. The picaresque hike-with-adventure plot provided a good glimpse of the world although as types of adventures pirates! A huge improvement over the last one; and maybe I expected too much from a fantasy series about magic anthropomorphic animals.


They are decent singers, so they spellsing for Buncan while he plays, making them a musical trio. The story is a little mad but it has a good premise and allows Foster a lot of freedom to try things out.

When the next book starts, those adventures haven’t appeared, but details from the previous story have been dropped. Spellsinger Spellsinger 1 by Alan Dean Foster. Lists with This Book. Jon-Tom discovers that his fledgling musical talents have now manifested themselves as magical with the ab I don’t know why I decided to reread this but I’m glad I did. This interest is carried over to his writing, Bestselling science fiction writer Alan Dean Foster ala born in New York City inbut raised mainly in California.

This is also similar with those stories where the protagonist is taken from Earth as a boy to return a man. I have epellsinger admit I avoided this book because I tend to dislike “cutesy” books, and I thought it looked kind of silly. Jon-Tom muss gegen Ende des Buches so einige Entscheidungen treffen.

Jon-Tom succeeds in getting them past the problem, speplsinger for one time when Mudge has to save them The same-ness starts getting to you in binge reading. The setup and antics of the book are quite funny as it is a contrast of a “fantasy world” but the main character and general tone is straight up realistic I’m a Whizard from Turtle Creek, so it fits.

Some of the story didn’t make much sense, and the entire ending is just mad but I came out of it with a positive feeling. Other things I like to highlight is the main character.

While Tolkein is a story of a quest, it is not so much a coming of age story but rather of how a little person is capable of great feats.

Well, thank fuck for Alan Dean Foster’s Spellsinger series. Gleich am Anfang lernt man den vorwitzigen Otter Mudge kennen und lieben.

Spellsinger Alan Fosrer Foster.

I must admit that this story reads a bit like the dream of someone very high, probably because when you first meet our main character he is high. It appears that the Duar is the only instrument that will allow Jon-Tom to use his magic. Darryl Saunders rated it spelslinger liked it Jun 22, Another book in the series that I enjoyed.


Not to mention that everyone is so violent that the popualtion of the planet shoudl have gone to nothing centuries before. This page was last edited on 18 Aprilat He received a B. A young girl the heroes rescue from pirates in book three she sees Jon-Tom as her knight in shining armour despite she is much too young, which Jon-Tom uncomfortably tells her but that that doesn’t deter her.

Nobody wants to be around when alaan freak of supernature called a Perambulator enters the world, bringing with it some really weird shifts in the fabric of existence There goes the neighborhood! Review quote “One of the most consistently inventive and fertile writers of science fiction and fantasy. Und es kommt, wie es endlich mal kommen muss.

Spellsinger – Wikipedia

The picaresque hike-with-adventure plot provided a good glimpse of the I received this book as a gift, having not read the rest of the Spellsinger series. What an interesting book. Unfortunately the book stops before it really gets into the meat of why Jon-Tom was transported but it’s still worth reading. Jun 25, Thom rated it liked it Shelves: More of the human in the magic animal world. Many of the primary characters in each of the books only appear for that volume; however, there are a number of characters who appear in the majority of the series.

Jan 16, Rachel rated it liked it Shelves:

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