View and download theater menus. By Movie Lovers, For Movie Lovers. Dine-in Cinema with the best in movies, beer, food, and events. Alamo Drafthouse Slaughter Lane – W Slaughter Ln, Austin, Texas – Rated based on Reviews “This was my first time ever at Alamo. reviews of Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Slaughter Lane “Love the bar/movie I just really wish that they would completely update there menu instead of just.

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What is the creative process that goes into creating menu-movie pairings?

Kid Blue Movies This Year: The plan is to incorporate those ideas and suggestions into the next menu change that will happen in the slahghter. The theater does not have 35mm projection equipment.

You can view the Alamo Slaughter menuwhich also includes helpful hints on the ordering process, and information on gluten-free and vegetarian items. Texas Made Texas Modern. Our Reviews of Upcoming Releases Slackerwood: The reaction has been swift and the blog has racked up more comments in just three days. What do you believe are Alamo’s best menu items, and where do you see the potential for growth?

Where do you see it going in the years to come?

Drafthouse menu: Q & A with chefs as they respond to criticism – CultureMap Austin

When a movie is lacking an obvious culinary theme, the setting and time period of the movie are next to be addressed. Those are going to be great areas to really grow and develop. Our Reviews of Upcoming Releases. First and foremost, any obvious tie-ins must be addressed.


Photo by Jessica Pages. I really love our pizzas. We are always trying to improve. Lights out for psychedelic North Austin gastropub, plus more food news. I get to play with food and have fun with it. I cannot say enough how incredibly talented and hard working our team is. Aug 25,6: I am currently working on adding to and refining the salad, appetizer and dessert categories as well.

What inspired you to reach out to Alamo customers for feedback on the menu? The seats aren’t drafthouee risers so the waitstaff are at your level when they walk down the rows. Our Reviews of Upcoming Releases Slzughter Look for delicious things to come!

This is a relatively new theater with some very comfy seats and spiffy new projection and audio equipment.

The theater is well out of range of any Cap Metro route at this time, we’re sorry to note.

Some items will be subtracted, some will be added or returned, some will be tweaked. Found on Flickr, used under Creative Commons license. You can drive over to William Cannon one stop up Mopac for more places to eat. By Stephanie Allmon Merry. The 10 surprising restaurant shutters that shocked Austin in I love the fact that you can come and get a good burger and a beer.


We will add and change things on alao main menus a few times a year. Austin’s top chefs recommend best tools for your home kitchen. A piece of history. Pass the Bubbly Review: Alamo Drafthouse on Slaughter Lane, known as Alamo Slaughter, has 8 screens of varying sizes, and an adjacent tequila bar, Rabbits.

How often are you hoping to revamp and redo the menu? We currently test all new items and ideas at Slaughter Lane, gather feedback, make some tweaks and then roll the menu out to all our locations.

Alamo Drafthouse — Slaughter

We are looking at every single comment along with all the feedback we have been getting since the menu first changed. In addition to the overall menu changes, we will also regularly swap out movie-specific specials and local items that are unique to each market.

Where does Alamo recruit its chefs from? How do you feel about Alamo Drafthouse’s food? In the Name slaaughter My Daughter Review: If you don’t live in the neighborhood, the far-south location can be a bit of a drive. Recent reviews Lone Star Cinema: The roofs are on fire.

Where to drink now.

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