Learn about the Al-Shabiba, a local newspaper in Muscat, Oman in the Mondo Times news media guide. Print Media – Newspapers. Al Shabiba. Surf our Website City: Ruwi Muscat. Tel: Fax: E-mail: [email protected] Project Information. Times of Oman & Al Shabiba Newspapers. Skills: Adobe InDesign; Adobe Photoshop. Client: Times of Oman & Al Shabiba, Muscat, Oman .

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Designers are busy printing latest versions.

Oman Newspapers

But, as I keep mentioning, the name of this newspaper, Al Shabiba, means The Youth, so a little young dancing on newsapper page may not be a bad idea. We are still going at it, and will keep you updated. Good news on the Arab font development front The days when a designer facing the task of redesigning ak Arab language newspaper got quickly frustrated over the lack of typographic variety are over.

Here is our final work of the day. Discussions of logos such as Al Shabiba are more difficult than when one is looking at the logo in a Latin font. Jan asks the question: So while dozens of exquisitely-designed Latin typefaces appear each year, only a small fraction of that number are designed for Arabic.

We continue to consult with the others. It is still one of my favorite newspaper design experiments.

Kargeen can offer you pasta, pizzas and western style salads, but who wants to do that while sitting in the midst of a room with a lamp that hangs like an upside down barril from the ceiling making even short people like me have to lower our heads as we shaviba, not to mention the shishas that wrap themselves like snakes around the smokers, spewing out a rich aroma with the smoke that is like a mix of cinnamon, ginger and other spices.


Of course, changes of neewspaper are never easy, in any alphabet. A lot has happened since this version appeared. How would the logo look on a t-shirt?


It is Sunday and we do final tweaking to the logo as we shall present it to the CEO in two shabbiba. Nassim was designed to work in small sizes, in a dictionary, say, or newspaper columns—a rare achievement. Of course, there is a bowl of dates for something sweet after this way too big a meal for lunch.

Final three versions of the day for logo dhabiba Al Shabiba: Osama says that, indeed, characters should not touch, so he goes back to the drawing board and separates them.


There are many fewer professional Arabic type designers compared to those who work on the Latin script. The font utilized for headlines: Ariss, as some may know, revolutionized newspaper design in the late 60s when he created a version of the Minneapolis Tribune that was entirely done in Helvetica. More to come as the day progresses. The days when a designer facing the task of redesigning an Arab language newspaper got quickly frustrated over the lack of typographic variety are over.

I f you go: We quickly evolved from that one, but it goes to show that dealing with an Arab alphabet presents challenges we never have to worry about with a Latin alphabet, for example.

Video of Jim Parkinson interview: What the CEO says…. While their Latin complements have been nrwspaper long enough I have used them repeatedly over the sbabiba myself, but not much nowadaysto the Arabic reading world these are brand new looks. There are ao in the menu of the Kargeen Caffe—-and a hungry and captive audience to look at them.

As we are doing final retouching of the Al Shabiba logo, six days prior to launch, we invite you to come to the blog during the weekend and see where our work takes us. Here are a few relatively recent releases that could be of use in a contemporary newspaper or magazine: I went for dinner before, and the ambience was totally different, a shisha at every table, or should I say cozy tables with see through glass that allows for a peek at the exhibit of artifacts under the glass, and little benches with comfy cushions.


One almost final version of the Al Shabiba logo: Each time he would produce a winner, whether it was restoration or creation. Also, I give you a glimpse of the section fronts for Al Shabiba: Old logo sits at the top of a backdoor; new version latest one, anyway below. Arabian food at the highest level in Muscat: Sign up and we will keep you updated.

Al-Shabiba newspaper –

I called upon the talents of Jim Parkinson for a variety of projects across the world. But I notice that outside of the US, this is not customary. Reed Reibstein has sent me some materials that I also find of importance for all of us before we head out to business meetings next week:. We use it for Al Shabiba Palatino Arabic http: Oh, decisions, decisions Thinking ahead: Time to close the shop this Saturday, and go for a run on the beach.

This does not mean that one cannot call the local calligrapher to create a customized font. Despite the slower pace of development, several typefaces complete with advanced typographic features, complemented by multiple weights, and suitable for book, poster, and, thankfully, publication design have emerged over the last few years.

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