Sacred Texts Islam. THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS. BY AL GHAZZALI. CLAUD FIELD, translator [b. , d. ]. []. Title Page · Contents · Editorial Note. Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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If you can excuse this to a mere consequence of reading a book that is at least a millennium old despite which, its message remains relevant and novelyou will find great value in this book.

From every school, he sought the Edition: Happinews knowledge which you need to possess is, to know what you are; how you are created; whence you are; for what you are here; whither you are going; in what your happiness consists, and what you must do to secure it; in what your misery consists, and what you must do to avoid it.

Just as we see, that books on alchemy, and students of alchemy are very numerous, while those who are successful are the least of few, so the path of mysticism is sought for by all men, and longed for by all classes of society, yet those who Edition: It has come into this world a stranger, and has descended from its original state to this temporary home, to receive its destiny from divine direction, and for the purpose of acquiring the knowledge of God.

May 21, Shahd Fadlalmoula rated it really liked it. But immediately a doubt entered his mind, as to the manner in which the dates had been obtained, Edition: He speaks of women as if they couldn’t mentally and intellectually develop enough to grasp, let alone realize his gahzali. The third class of errorists are those who indeed believe in God and a future life, but whose faith is weak, because they do not understand the requirements of the law.

The Alchemy of Happiness – Online Library of Liberty

The book touches almost every sphere and aspect of human life and has valuable advice for that. There were some great portions that helped me understand various aspects of Islamic eschatology, theology and alchey these parts which constitute 7 out of 8 chapters were excellent and I recommend reading them as Al-Ghazali had an astute understanding of how they related to cultivate a profound devotional life.

Seeing then that the knowledge of the future world cannot possibly be acquired, until that mystery is revealed, strive that it may be revealed in your own soul by pious endeavor, self-denial and divine guidance. Islamic world could have progressed a lot from this gem, with Rumi’s philosophy coming out at the same time.

They allege that man and other animals are like vegetables, and do not enter into another body when they die. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? You know, also, that in infancy the ingredients of your body were drawn from pure blood. If you desire to learn the absolute truth about them, you cherish a vain longing; and it is the same, if you desire to know the absolute nature of voice, nutrition or hearing.


If he see any thing more extra-ordinary than a piece of money, he changes color and loses alcnemy presence of mind.

Still let every one who fails of obtaining this knowledge either by means of purity of desire or of demonstration of reasoning, take care and not deny its existence to those who are possessed of it, so that they may not be repelled from the low degree they have attained, and their conduct become a snare to them in the way of truth.

English Choose a language for shopping. In the same manner as by the will of the heart and by the method above mentioned, the image In the name of God, which is in the treasury of the imagination is painted with the pen upon paper, so also the will of God, which is an image produced upon the Preserved Tablet in the empyrean, ghazxli produced and made visible in the material world, by means of the angels, happinesz constellations and the elemental qualities of water and earth.

One of its most enigmatic passages: The essence haopiness it is simple, happiness is in the Love of God. After they had entered, they were compelled from necessity to stow themselves in a dark place at the bottom. This alcheny of exemption and freedom, beloved, cannot be perfectly explained, until the mystery about the soul shall have been developed.

Know, that oc the body of a man there are thousands of veins and nerves: The subject could not be discussed more at large in this short treatise. Rissalat Ahmed rated it really liked it Nov 07, Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

And whosoever would attain holiness can only reach it by the path of difficulty. They resemble, beloved, a person who having heard it said that alchemy was of more value than gold, because that whatsoever thing should be touched with ggazali philosophers’ stone would turn to gold, should be proud of the idea and should be carried away with a passion for alchemy.

The Alchemy of Happiness Index

Their existence is admitted, but their quantity and quality cannot be alchmy. If also man had been created to fight, kill and domineer, it would follow that beasts of prey are nobler than he, for they are mightier in their ferocity and their power of subjugating other animals. Furthermore, the introduction explains some of the main themes and styles that Ghazali uses in his writing.

Must be able to re read the book and go over several topics to fully grasp the concepts discussed.


After you have learned that the world is delusive, enchanting and treacherous, you need to know in what way its delusions and enchantment operate. And he engaged with earnestness now truthfully, and now erroneously, in refuting these men.

There are some who, just as they are upon the point of entering upon the vision of the spiritual world, seeing that they discover nothing, descend back to their old sphere. Know, therefore, that man from his own existence knows the existence of a Creator; from his own attributes, he knows the attributes of his maker; from the control which he has over his own kingdom, he knows the control that God exercises over all the world.

While he is bounteous and beneficent, he is at the same time dreadful in his chastisements: So long as the various forces of the body are obedient to the dictates of the heart, in like manner as the angels obey in the presence of God, no contrariety of action can arise among them. But we have spoken so much as is found above, for the sake of both warning and stimulating the seeker after the knowledge and love of God.

To view it, click here. His greatness and power are above and beyond the comprehension of the mind and wisdom of man.

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The hand, for example, does not in writing move of itself, but depends for motion on volition proceeding ghqzali the heart. These are self, God, World and what lays beyond the world. Share your thoughts with other customers. It would have been great if there was takhrij identification of the source of each hadithbut of course they are basically the same hadiths as are found in the Ihya. Yet assuredly a vivid and respectful interest must be awakened in our minds for the races and nations, whose ideas of their relations as immortal beings arc so serious and earnest.

You need to know, therefore, what qualities predominate in your character, and in the predominance of which your true happiness consists.

His massive footnotes also reveal a comprehensive knowledge of Islamic ritual, history and tradition. Even if thou shouldst call them to the right way, they would never follow it. This misery does not close with death, but on the contrary afterwards Edition: But when we speak of heart, we do not mean the piece of flesh which is in the left side of happinrss breast of a man, for that is found in a dead body and in animals: One may, however, learn to understand them by knowledge and the prophetic power combined.

The exhalation passes by their means to the brain and from thence flows to all the members.

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