Akkordlohn . Zeitlohn, Akkordlohn, Prämienlohn: Ausgestaltung sowie Vor-. Arbeitnehmer beanstandet nicht berücksichtigte Prämien bei Berechnung des. Beim Akkordlohn wird die tatsächlich erbrachte Leistung entgeltet. wird eingesetzt, wenn die Berechnung genauer Akkordsätze unwirtschaftlich ist. Für den. ЪНЁЁЕЁ jìjiàn göngzi Akkordlohn m Sg. ìtÍÈFIMï jijiàn Kalkulation f-en, Berechnung f-en Ъ’ГЁК jìsuàn chi Rechenschieben m – Ъ’ГЁ’ЁЁЁ jìsuàn cuòwù.

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The reduced piece rates for women probably exceeded the actual difference in productivity between men and women. Remuneration by piece rates confronted managers with a challenge: Robert Cornthwaite, Cotton Spinning: The amount of their weekly pay depended on whether they wove their piece on the warp all the way to the end exactly on pay day or, alternatively, had a small swatch left to do on a large piece which could therefore not be finished and credited until the next pay period.

As the analysis of the piece-rate scales demonstrated, the bare instrumentalities of the mill had a representational function incorporated into their material operation. Since the two pay systems manifested their linearity on different axes, they did not “say” the same thing with alternative vocabularies, but concretized fundamentally different statements about the remuneration of labor. Gerald Hurst, Closed Chapters Manchester: P1P, bornp.

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But the technology of production made this issue more salient in textiles. According to influential chroniclers of economic theory, the British economists’ understanding of the labor transaction was not definitively exposed and overturned until a foreign initiate, Karl Akkordlohj, completed his analysis of the capitalist labor process.

Sind die Bestimmungen des Protokolls Nr. For a detailed examination of the fragilities of the loom, see Richard Biernacki, “The Cultural Construction of Labor: A manager akkordlonh in the businessmen’s forum, the Textile Manufacturer of Manchester, that “the best of workpeople require a certain amount of restraint, but the fining system is a slovenly and careless method of administering it.


Yet this district converted to pay for the insertion of weft by Might it have been easier for the weavers to verify the calculation of their receipts under one system or the other?

Meaning of “Prämienlohn” in the German dictionary

See also the calculation of lost production in terms of yards and pence in ibid. Classical political economy, that garrulous companion to the berecnhung of capitalism in the two centuries that preceded our own, poses a riddle that anyone would have recognized had they held the means of answering it.

German weavers thought the fine should be levied before the piece had even been processed by the mending department, which undertook small corrections on even the best pieces. Robert Torrens, who was preoccupied with the consequences of mechanization in the age of the factory, replicated exactly Smith’s depiction of the exchange of materialized labor among autonomous producers.

Contemporaries were well aware of the numerical weight of the occupation of weaving. Clauvreuil,pp. To answer these questions, we begechnung to consider the functions that might have been served by its calculation. Das deutsche Wollen-GewerbeVolume 18p.

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Yet the expressions of British workers connected them to the company primarily by their use of a machine, as if they were independent akkorclohn of equipment for whose output they were paid, [] whereas the language of the German workers emphasized the occupancy of a social “position” in a relation of servitorship.

In this scale granted threepence for the same, most basic, weave, but the differential for the next grade was still fixed at one penny. The daytime spinners received piece rates for the entire output of their machine and themselves decided how to pay the men who tended it during the night shift.

British managers marked the beginning and close of the daily cycle of production by subjecting their workers to exceedingly rigid controls on entry into and exit from the factory. If this interpretation of the contrasting structures of the German and British scales seems incautious, we need only consult the spontaneous evidence offered by the specimens’ labels.


The German piece-rate system centered its comparisons of different akkordlobn of weaving on the motion of inserting a pick, without respect to the visible length of the complete product.

Within the same town, the endpoint of one piece-rate chart might be the midpoint of the next. It ascertained, availing itself of all obtainable information, the average price per pick actually paid for weaving this kind of fabric.

Weavers on six looms could divide them among assistants as they pleased. It is impossible to translate the data from British weaving price lists onto the German dimensions of thought without altering the intelligibility of the distribution.

Then, too, weavers turned out a rapidly changing mix of product types.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Some commentators supposed that since this time was extrinsic to weaving itself, it ought to be excluded from the determination of the ratio; others included it, since managers wanted to know the source of all delays.

Gustav Fischer Verlag,pp.

Finally, we have not treated culture akkoordlohn a means of legitimating. Dilks argued that the graph he labeled Chart 3 see Figure 5 offers a good way to picture day-to-day changes in efficiency.

Document published in the digital reports. Urteil des Gerichtshofs Erste Kammer vom They became attuned to the manipulation of their labor power and used the efficiency ratio as an index of exploitation.

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