by Luang Por Munindo. Learning From Everything. 45 minutes, by Luang Por Munindo on December 02, The Swamp Monster, Fear. 40 minutes, by Luang. Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery (Harnham Buddhist Monastery) is a Theravada Buddhist Aruna Ratanagiri Buddhist Monastery · Books by Ajahn Munindo (PDF, HTML) · Talks by Ajahn Munindo (MP3) · Portal page for the branch. Ajahn Munindo. English. Alert to the Needs of the Journey. Ajahn Munindo. Spanish. Un Dhammapada para la Contemplacion. Ajahn Munindo. Spanish.

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So taking a position for or against technology is not it. Any ideas we might still be holding to that there is someone out there, up there, looking after us, have to go.

Regarding the theoretical level of practice, or pariyattiI think this is generally best dealt with through book learning.

If I lose that then I risk getting caught in ideas about myself as a teacher. Of course, considerable skill is required in translating the conventions, but I believe that will more or ajaahn look after itself if we keep our eyes open, so to speak, and stay true to that which is essential.

Aruna Ratanagiri

Leading a community, sometimes I see myself as being like the conductor of an orchestra, an orchestra comprised of seriously enthusiastic players, each very capable in their own way. The primary focus for Aruna Ratanagiri monastery is to provide and maintain a sanctuary suitable for the training and ongoing practice of Theravada bhikkhus, in keeping with the Pali vinaya and forest tradition of Northeast Thailand.

So one benefit of going forth is what it stops you doing. We all come to training with a mixture of intentions, some wholesome and worth developing and others neurotic, by which I mean not serving our aspirations to be fully free from suffering. For those of us addicted to our sophisticated ideas about reality, simply, regularly, submitting ourselves into traditional ritual practices such as bowing and chanting can be an excellent antidote.


What about new technologies? All our activity — body, speech and mind — is guided towards enhanced integrity and expanded compassion. You learn to take appropriate precautions.

We can learn from things being disagreeable and unreasonable. Whitehead Western philosophy and Buddhism Buddhism and psychology. We learn to expect from ourselves, and others expect from us, that we continually increase in goodness. This went on for weeks. Somebody recently wrote to me saying he was a member of a meditation group in a town a few hundred miles ajwhn of Darwin in Northern Australia.

Teachings – Audio – Forest Sangha

In the beginning we like to pick and choose, saying we need such and such conditions for practice. Having said all that, a creative engagement with ritual practices can help support faith too. What can the role of technology be in the context of monastic life and teaching? The monastery includes an adjacent lay retreat facility known as Kusala House. It mjnindo appear completely pointless much of the time but can nevertheless be exactly what is needed.

Aruna Ratanagiri – Wikipedia

And yes, we need to be big-hearted in the approaches we make. The Holy Life as set up by the Buddha is a goodness generator. The community consists of monksnovices and postulants from a wide range of nationalities, usually numbering around eight Sangha members. This is a timeless truth. I think it might be limitless. Not that I see myself as a teacher trying to trick people, but I do see how our clever minds will shamelessly employ any means to avoid letting go.


File:Ordination by Ajahn Chah.jpg

A teacher is someone who helps us see in new and relevant ways — ways that serve our commitment to live in harmony with truth, or reality, or whatever word connects with that sense we have ajjahn some things are profoundly more important than others.

Views Read Edit View history. Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3. If this file has problems with attributioncopyrightor is otherwise ineligible for Commons, then remove this tag and DO NOT transfer it; repeat violators may be blocked from editing. It makes it a lot easier to live simply, harmoniously and contentedly.

However I am pleased it is this way. The classic texts point out the importance of this with extensive, detailed explanations of what is suitable and what is not.

There are plenty of empty caves and I trust that the purification they realize alone in their cave will bring real benefit. Part of a series on. It is a way of putting some time aside to value this part of life, to keep this faculty alive.

Your generation, the one that began their training in Thailand back in the muninddo and s, are all getting older.

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