Indolebutyric acid ≥% (T); CAS Number: ; EC Number: 5; Synonym: 4-(3-Indolyl)butanoic acid, 4-(3-Indolyl)butyric acid, IBA; Linear.

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The decline in rooting capacity in woody species is often linked to the effects of maturation Ferreira et al. The branches of the year were collected in the morning and packed in polystyrene boxes, moistened and transported acixo the place of preparation.

Substratos e auxinas no enraizamento de estacas caulinares de espinheira-santa.

In plants of the Brazilian red-cloak, maximum physical efficiency for RDM was inndol at The objective of the present study was to evaluate the influence of stock plants age, plant growth regulator IBA application and plant material collection in different seasons related to rooting of cuttings. The low germination of Ilex paraguariensis seeds and their long reproductive cycle make cuttings propagation a good alternative for its reproduction all year round, enabling to obtain genetically superior clones.

Fisiologia de plantas cultivadas: Benth—a multipurpose leguminous tree butirco assessment of genetic fidelity of micropropagated plants using molecular markers”. The high mortality seems to be related mainly to the harvesting season, since in the autumn the mortality was low for the two plants ages, as well as for all the concentrations of IBA used.

Subsequently, they were placed in plastic boxes of 13x30x37 cm The use of plant regulators, specifically IBA, has been recommended for stimulating and accelerating the process of adventitious root formation Guo et al.

Ácido indolacético – Wikipedia, a enciclopedia libre

These results allow the conclusion that HA can be an alternative to the use of synthetic auxin in sanchezia.

How to inol this article. The use of IBA does not increase rooting percentages, regardless of stock plants age, and callus formation does not favor rooting in yerba mate cuttings. IBA promoted increments in all traits in sanchezia Table 2. Notulae Botanicae Horti Agrobotanici. In addition, autumn was one of the seasons that presented the highest rooting percentages of the youngest stock plants.

It is possible to observe in this study the viability to rescue genetic material bitirico high chronological age, representing an advance in the propagation of yerba mate adult plants. HA are a renewable natural resource which can be extracted from different urban wastes indil as garbage and sewage sludge Canellas et al.


Cuttings from years-old stock plants have higher ability to form adventitious roots and the use of IBA did not increase rooting potential.

Indolebutyric acid – Wikipedia

Acta Scientiarum Agronomy After 90 days of installation, the following variables were evaluated: Mercado interno para os produtos da floricultura brasileira: We also adjusted regression equations using the means of ibdol characteristics studied and IBA and HA concentrations. The highest percentage of rooting was observed in the fall, with application of mg L -1 of IBA May 31, ; Accepted: According to the result for the species IBA was shown to produce a higher yield of roots compared to the other auxins.

The highest percentages were verified in winter, at concentrations of 0 and mg L -1 IBA Table 1. Research Adventitious rooting on the Brazilian red-cloak and sanchezia after application of indole-butyric and humic acids.

For stock plants avido than 80 years, the ijdol of 0,and mg L -1 applied in spring presented the best results for this variable Table 1.

Gladiolus development in response to bulb treatment with different concentrations butitico humic acids. As no effect of HA has been significant, HA should not be used in the Brazilian red-cloak to replace auxins. Seed germination and seedling growth of tomato and lettuce as affected by vermicompost water extracts Teas. In addition, it presents toxicity to humans, causing skin irritation and eye and respiratory infection, if handled improperly Sigma-Aldrich, Callus formation is often used as a first step process in micropropagation where the callus cells are then caused to form other tissues such as roots by exposing them to certain hormones like auxins that produce roots.

The rooting was performed in plastic boxes filled with vermiculite and carbonized rice husk at a ratio imdol 1: These results support the hypothesis that callus formation is detrimental to the rooting acodo yerba mate cuttings, indicating that the rhizogenesis is direct, without the dependence of the previous formation of callus.

The propagation by cuttings favors the quick and massive production of plantlets with complete fidelity to the mother plant. IBA efficiency in promoting adventitious rooting in cuttings of ornamental plants have been reported to allamanda Loss et al.


Following, cuttings were transferred to 2.

Indole-3-butyric acid

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The application of mounting concentrations of IBA and HA significantly alter rooting performance and shoot growth in cuttings of the Brazilian red-cloak and sanchezia Tables 1 and 2.

The application of plant regulators, mainly of the auxin group, has been cited as favorable to the adventitious rooting process in several species, and although indoleacetic acid IAA is the most abundant auxin in vegetables, the use of indole butyric acid IBA has been shown to be more stable and efficient Ferreira et al.

The use of inadequate techniques of cultivation and management, and especially the low genetic quality of the seedlings, resulted in the low productivity of the currently plantations Santin et al. Look up indolebutyric acid in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. In autumn, the increase of roots number with IBA application for both stock indpl ages was evident Table 1.

Services on Demand Journal. It occurs naturally in South America Carvalho, where it has great economic importance, since its leaves are used in medicine and consumed in the form of tea Dartora et al. In general, year-old stock plants showed the lowest percentage of cuttings with callus.

Ácido indol-3-acético

These studies point to a potential hutirico technological butidico for farmers, especially for those seeking a more sustainable agriculture, in which the use of synthetic inputs is reduced, while the recycling of organic waste is levered.

Ilex paraguariensis; Resgate vegetativo; Silvicultura clonal. The slowness, coupled with the great phenotypic variation resulting from the sexual propagation, generates the need for more detailed studies with respect to other techniques for the production of yerba mate plants, making the conventional vegetative propagation interesting for obtaining genetically known material Wendling et al.

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