“La acidez y el encalado de los suelos”. Revista Ciencia y Técnica en la Agricultura Cañera (La Habana, Cuba) N° 2. Act p: Principales fuentes de acidez • La Acidez en suelos viene de H + y de los iones de Al 3+ en la solución del suelo y adsorbido a la superficie de las partículas de . Acidez y encalado de los suelos. Instituto de la Potasa y el Fósforo, Quito, Ecuador. 42pp. INPOFOS. Manual Internacional de Fertilidad de Suelos.

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Meaning of “encalado” in the Spanish dictionary. Red de Pastizales Andinos.

The pastures were sown with a mix of red clover Trifolium pratense L. This program has been operational for more than a decade. The phosphorus was determined by colorimetry with the blue of molybdene method, using ascorbic acid as a reducing agent. For the analysis of exchangeable aluminium, 5 g of dry soil were added to a solution of ammonium acetate 1M, and shaken for 30 minutes, before filtering.

Subdivision of the 32 fields sampled in each municipality, with reference to the application of the program at the time of measurement. Moreover, grasslands in those municipalities are grazed, as opposed to Lonquimay, where only hay is harvested. Antofagasta de la Sierra es un oasis de altura. Finally, afalfa was only harvested as hay, without any return of P to the soil, which probably impeded the P balance sheet.

Soil research 53 7 This explanation is more likely than the fixation by the soil, as the content of extractable aluminium is less than mg kg Educalingo cookies are used to personalize ads and get web traffic statistics.

Acidez de los suelos y efectos del encalado | Horticulture International

We mixed the soil of eight sub-samples in each field. The program had also contrasted effects on the exchangeable Aluminium Alex content Table 4. Synonyms and antonyms of encalado in the Spanish dictionary of synonyms.


Moreover, Alfalfa is able to absorb significant quantities of phosphorus, thanks to its well-developed root system Nichols et al. Instead, at Lonquimay exchangeable aluminum decreased significantly, and pH remained slightly higher than the control values through the first four years.

Acidez de los suelos y efectos del encalado

All samples were prepared and analysed according to the Commission for Normalisation and Accreditation of the Chilean Society of Soil Science rules Sadzawka et al. In a similar way to liming, the phosphoric fertilization must be part of a global strategy for impro ving P availability.

The program focuses on improving the availability of phosphorus encalzdo phosphate supplements and liming, in order to decrease acidity and the content of free aluminium in the soil.

This suelis provided important results for the improvement of the program. The program should also integrate some actions relative to pasture management. It is likely that the presence of livestock implies phosphorus return to the soil via the animal manure. World reference base for soil resources The program consisted of i liming, ii correction of the P status, and iii sowing forage plants.

In this locality, exchangeable Al acicez was the highest among all the samples, which caused high toxicity and a poor growth in the grassland; this, in turn, strongly limited phosphorus uptake, which probably explains the observed imbalance. The actions of the program establishment of the pasture, liming, phosphoric fertilization are boxed with continuous lines; the soil properties acted upon are boxed with thick dashed lines; the sought-after quality of the sward in thin dashed lines.

De la Fuente, J. This dr is consistent with a number of studies on liming in Southern Chile.


To determine the P content, we chose the Olsen method. We measured soil characteristics and grassland productivity, but in this paper, only the lks data are presented.

Acidez y encalado de suelos enla region de Los Lagos – Google Books

Jean Roger-Estrade E-mail address: Such strategy should be based on a balance of P that takes into account the increase suflos output due to the increase of the pasture productivity. Alex values were not significantly different between the first and the fourth year, but exhibiting a slight decrease during the period at Acjdez.

Discover all that is hidden in the words on. Ubicado en Catamarca, su casco urbano, escasamente habitado, conserva casas pintorescas de doble encalado Average Soil Organic Carbon content was g kg Soil fertility changes following converion of grasslands to oil palm.

These two fertilizations were not sufficient to guarantee the maintenance of available phosphorus levels in the years after the application of the program.

A sample of 2. After filtering, measurements were taken using an atomic absorbtion spectrophotometer.

Academic Press, Australia, pp. These conditions are very hard on the Mapuches farmers of this area, whose main activity is cattle breeding ovine and bovine and whose farms are very dde. The aim of this study was to assess the effect on soil quality of a governmental program whose objective is restoring the fertility of degraded acidic volcanic ash soils.

Finally, overgrazing caused also problems of erosion.

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