Function to replace FollowHyperlink() in VBA. Handles security warnings, special characters in file name, return value. Did you try opening the page using Shell Function? en-us/vba/language-reference-vba/articles/shell-function. Hyperlink Method (Access). The FollowHyperlink method opens the document or Web page specified by a hyperlink address.

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It works perfectly when copied and pasted into Chrome. The below example downloads and opens the file in cache.

The default value is the empty string.

The default is a zero-length string ” “. Mihai Adrian 1 Login Login with twitter.

For example, you can use ExtraInfo to specify the coordinates of an image map, the contents of a form, or a FAT file name. For example, this argument may be used to specify a search parameter for an. Sign up using Email and Password. Sign up using Facebook.

Hyperlink method (Access) | Microsoft Docs

This hyperlink may fkllowhyperlink supplied by you or by the user. So cookies doesn’t entirely explain the difference between the two. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Sign in to give feedback.


Which is why I love this site! I was so narrowly focused on hyperlinks, and solving why one worked and the access didn’t, a shell wasn’t even on my radar. But, the Wal Mart link also requires login credentials and does work. Cookies are why it works in the browser and not in Access. You don’t need to include the question mark when you specify the extrainfo argument. Recently I created links to followhuperlink directly to the edit pages for our products, making changes quicker for the staff.

A String or byte array that specifies additional followhy;erlink for HTTP to use to resolve the hyperlink. The default is False. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Login Login with facebook. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

Why one would work and the other wouldn’t? When the FollowHyperlink is used on a button it does not.

Excel VBA FollowHyperlink Method

There are no open issues. A Boolean value where True? I realize you fine folks can’t test the link as it requires login info I can’t give out.


FTR I’m already logged into both sites prior to executing the command. Thank you, that’s totally understandable. You can use the Follow method to follow a hyperlink associated with a control.

Application.FollowHyperlink method (Access)

ExtraInfo Optional Variant A string or an array of Byte data that specifies additional information for navigating to a hyperlink. The location within the target document. True to display the target application in a new window. By using our site, followhypdrlink acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

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