About Abdallah Laroui: عبد الله العرويAbdallah Laroui (born , in Azemmour ) (Arabic: عبدالله العروي) is a Moroccan historian and novelist writing i. Abdallah Laroui has 28 books on Goodreads with ratings. Abdallah Laroui’s most popular book is مفهوم الحرية. Download Audiobooks narrated by Abdallah Laroui to your device. Audible provides the highest quality audio and narration. Your first book is Free with trial!.

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This is the central concept in the thought of Laroui and we find it fused in almost all his works, he says, I tried in all my writings to clarify that the historical status within which we live today, which we cannot negate, makes all of our judgments, on definite cases, pragmatic and apologetic. I do this while I am full conscious with the hardships related to this procedure, however, I claim that there is no other procedure for the reason mentioned before.

The starting point in the philosophy of professor Abdallah Laroui is history. Reason for them all is interpretation, an inclination for the premier and the elementary, it is the reason of the order and the noun, and science is the knowledge of orders. On this level there is no choice: It is either consistent with its proclaimed purposes or inconsistent.

It was not enough to call for scientific or technological advance without a better understanding of history. It is the only justification to our judgment on fundamentalism and technocratic liberalism as superficial and on Marxism as the critical theory of the modernist West, the clear and rational theory that is useful for us in the historical era in which we live.

I said this years ago, and attacked me for it whoever attacked me, I repeat it today, and I am sorry for the necessity of repeating. Moreover, we give up the game of assuming an imaginary reality taken as an ideal through which we judge those banners, because we believe that the easiest rout to the soule of any society is the collective of banners of that society. We call, today, for modernism from different portals, the portal of the state, the portal of the civil society, and the portal of political parties, and others.

We analyze those concepts and discuss it not only to reach a clear understanding and definite meaning of it, but also because we belief that the success of the Arabic development is constrained by this clearness and that definition. His vision is that it is not possible to make a leap over modernism, Arabic society must pass first through the modernist state, which is in his view an inescapable destiny.


Morocco Portal Literature Portal.

This reflects itself on the structure of the Arabic language in which priority is for noun over verb. For Islamic modernists who struggle to reclaim a sense of authenticity, Andallah insistence that the tools of abbdallah apply equally and inexorably to Islamic and to all other religious and cultural traditions has been enormously influential.

You ask me what are the obstacles? This article about a Moroccan writer or poet is a stub. There is no use of judging it as right or wrong, against what measure? In he was awarded the Sheikh Zayed Book Award for “Cultural Personality of the Year”, [4] [5] the premier category with a prize of 1 million larpui. He has for many years been an active member of the Royal Society of Morocco.

For, in his view, Morocco is far with respect to the east, and that it represents an isolated island, he expresses this position in the following dialogue. I say that I write fictions and novels from one side and concept criticism from the other. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Larpui is because social reform undertakes time, and its development takes long time.

The problematic, which we face, is whether the researcher will put himself before or after the break with heritage, which is a break that is already happened and deepened, will abdalah admit it or not?

Books by Abdallah Laroui (Author of L’histoire du Maghreb )

Home International Encyclopedias almanacs transcripts and maps Laroui, Abdallah —. Sheikh Zayed Book Award website.

The other side of the methodology of professor Laroui is a ‘Foundational’ abdaplah. He returned to Morocco to write his doctoral dissertation, which he defended in and published in as Les Origines sociales et culturelles du nationalisme marocain, — The social and cultural origins of Moroccan nationalism, — In this year, his book “contemporary Arabic ideology’ has appeared in French language announcing the birth of the philosophical project of professor Laroui.

Professor Laroui presents his philosophy in two forms, the theoretical methodological form and the novelist artistic form. Instead, I studied the spreading ideologies in the Arab world since one century or more, and I classified it and concluded from each one its structure.


Books by Abdallah Laroui

This cannot be through jumping over an epistemological obstacle, an obstacle of accumulation of classical information, in which partial criticism is useless, rather what is useful is to overturn the page, and that is what I called, and still calling, the methodological break I used this expression before it became used in the studies of philosophy of science.

The project of Laroui is characterized by indulging into the laorui of the Arabic reality, and by introducing radical criticism of the dominating thought.

With respect to methodology, which is the subject abdalla the series of ‘Concepts’, it is something else, other than convention and positing. I claim that any one who lives in our time, who thinks of himself as a son of this time, cannot do other than this; and he who reverses the case gets out from his time to another time. Those have been fighting strongly together, but on the peripherals not on the heart of the subject.

When I speak about the necessity of taking a stance, I mean making a choice between this or that, not enforcing a specific choice. Every thing that hinders political and civic freedom hinders modernization. Hence, the thought introduced by Laroui should be linked to the Arabic abdalpah reality to show how it could be realized in real life. His intellectual and creative production includes studies in Ideological criticism, history of ideas and systems, and several novels.

It becomes necessary, then, to obtain a new intuition. L’Exil Sindbad-Actes Sud, Fiction, criticism and the creative experience, Alzaman newapaper. Les origines sociales et culturelles du abbdallah marocain, — [The social and cultural origins of Moroccan nationalism, —]. Laroui himself has written abddallah novels, and in recent years has been publishing his memoirs, Khawatir al-Sabah Recollections. Then the problem turns out to be, only, one that is related to consistency in methodology.

All that I can is to make a specific choice, and to make a logical deduction for that choice, to show that it is subject to general purposes not for self-purposes, and to call for embracing such a choice. The first expresses the scientific methodological side of his thought, and the second expresses the social and realistic side.

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