L. Mattarolo, Termodinamica Applicata, CLEUP, Padova, 5) C. Bonacina, A . Cavallini e L. Mattarolo, Trasmissione del calore, CLEUP. Course Unit Title: TERMODINAMICA APPLICATA. Course Unit 4) Cavallini e L. Mattarolo, Termodinamica Applicata, CLEUP, Padova, 5) C. Bonacina. Calì M., Gregorio P., TERMODINAMICA, Esculapio Ed., Bologna Ed. in un volume unico • Cavallini A., Mattarolo L., TERMODINAMICA APPLICATA, Cleup Ed.

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Water and Vapor Humidifying. Lectures and classroom exercises. The student must solve simple analytic problems of thermodynamics and heat transfer. Mass and Volume Rate.

Universita’ di Pisa – ECTS Course Catalogue

Subsequently the main technologies for the conversion of heat into work and vice versa will be described as well as some methods of calculation will be analysed, in particular will be considered engines and refrigeration equipment both gas cycles and vapour cycles will be dealt with.

Plane and Radial System. Software or applications used. View factors, emittance, radiative exchange between black and grey surfaces. Elements of Fluid Dynamics: General Information Learning outcomes The student who completes this academic course will be to show a good knowledge of the thermodynamic science and heat transfer applied to the aerospace engineering in particular.


Matarolo parameters and theirs meaning. For example, a contest on the II law of thermodynamics.

Lecture notes available on https: Applications for conduction and convention: Clausius Integral and Entropy. The student will must have the knowledge to face the more complex problems of the forthcoming teachings.


Reversible and Irreversible Processes. Thermodynamics Propriety of Liquids. The following evaluation criteria will be used for the assessment of the achieved knowledge and skills: Applications for steady one-dimensional conduction with and without internal heat generation.

The Importance of Heat Transfer. Textbooks and optional supplementary readings. Planned learning activities and teaching methods: D2 – Applying Knowledge and Understanding. Ability to rate cavaolini design heat exchangers. Single cycle degree courses.

Problems in unsteady condition 3 ore. Critical radius for radial mattsrolo conduction. This course provides notion about the thermodynamic systems and the main thermodynamic property relations. Information on the course unit.

Knowledge of the topics presented during the course. Programma definitivo per l’A. All the books which are advised are in italian, but the books number 1 and 2 it is possibile to find them also in english version.

Linde cycle 4 hours Thermodynamics of moist air: Strada, Elementi di acustica tecnica. As regards the technological knowledge of the engineer, he will be able to distinguish the basic elements and calculate the basic performance of the main devices for producing mechanical power – internal combustion engines and steam engines – and cooling – refrigerators and heat pumps, and for the most common and important types of heat exchangers sizing of first approximation.


Type of Learning Activity. In the second part will be analysed, from the phenomenological point of view, the mechanisms by which the heat could be transferred in space and time: The work of friction in fluids.

Rossetto, Elementi di Gasdinamica. Piazzale Europa, 1 – – Trieste, Italia – Tel. The second law of thermodynamics: Moreover it is planned the analysis of at least one plant of the didactic laboratory.

Expected learning outcomes At the end of the course students will be able to understand and express in a quantitative way as the energy flows are both cause and effect of all the changes that can be observed in the physical world and as they propagate in space and time in the form of heat: Edizioni Progetto Padova,

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