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Security is also a concern. If you have issues viewing or accessing this file, please. See also Hudson v. A study of queenslands correctional centres by gillian b.

mco Less egregious misconduct, such as nondisclosure to the court coreections facts allegedly pertinent to the matter before it, will not ordinarily rise to the level of fraud on the court. District Court for the District of Massachusetts, seeking several forms of relief for alleged violations of his free exercise of religion.

None of the defendants’ submissions contains frivolous arguments of fact or law, or make representations to the Court that are clearly contraindicated by the record. Although the defendants have presented mcci affidavit that states that the prison does not have the space to accommodate a designated synagogue, in the absence of supporting evidence, the affidavit is conclusory and does not suffice to dissolve the question of fact the plaintiffs’ assertions create.

The defendants have a compelling interest in assuring that Plaintiff LeBaron’s role as “Chief Judge” and the church officers’ roles as authority figures in the church do not pose a risk that one group of inmates will control another group.

Retaliation against a prisoner’s exercise of constitutional rights is also actionable under 42 U. Without some demonstration of a substantial burden, Plaintiff LeBaron cannot satisfy the “likelihood of success” element required for issue of a TRO.

The plaintiffs have not presented unrebutted evidence that there are less restrictive means available to the defendants to protect their compelling interests. The Commissioner denied this request because the chaplain could not assume additional responsibilities on top of his full-time schedule.


Fy mci grants program guidelines page 5 of 14 mci18interim submittal. The defendants have not satisfied this evidentiary showing. Fy mci grants program guidelines page 5 of 14 mci18interim submittal.

A host of cases repeatedly emphasize that prison officials’ interests in effective and cost-efficient administration of their facilities are compelling. With respect to the defendants’ inability, to date, to locate a volunteer to facilitate the plaintiffs’ services, such a failure may substantially burden the plaintiffs’ religious exercise.

These motions are discussed throughout the Court’s discussion. They assert that the kosher diet provided to other Jewish inmates is insufficient and unhealthy, and that the defendants’ deprivation of the Holy Diet substantially burdens their religious exercise in violation of RLUIPA.

f corrections mci pdf

The plaintiffs believe that the current kosher diet, which contains some processed foods, does not suffice as a diet “God defines as legitimate food items [as] defined in Scripture[. Open PDF file, Moreover, some “inmates join a religion merely to obtain a different diet, without intending to follow the religion’s practices, which creates conflicts with other inmates who have a sincere belief in the religion.

As a general matter, the Court holds the plaintiffs’ submissions, written from prison, “to a less stringent standard than pleadings drafted by an attorney,” and construes them liberally. As was the case in LeBaron, the plaintiffs have “submitted insufficient evidence of a conspiracy.

Slip Opinion Details

The defendants have filed a motion to dismiss the complaint and a cross motion for summary judgment. The defendants’ reliance on the Mitchell affidavit, without documentation of the named plaintiffs’ failure to exhaust administrative remedies, is determinative. Other inmates, alleging the same violations, expressed interest in joining the renewed claim. The plaintiffs allege two substantial burdens on the plaintiffs’ religious exercise with respect to group prayer. The one exception is the defendants’ prohibition on the plaintiffs’ celebration of certain holy days, which does not satisfy the RLUIPA standard.


Plaintiff LeBaron is the self-appointed president of the CFB and has appointed other inmates as officers of the church. See McGee U. Notice relief and corrections with regard to.

Course materials will only be available for enrollment in digital form pdf download via www. The effect of this motion is to require correctlons DOC to provide the paid services of a chaplain in the absence of a volunteer.

The LeBaron court recognized, as this Court does today, that “‘running a prison system is a difficult enterprise[,]’ and because prisoner claims of retaliation are ‘easily fabricated and pose a substantial risk of unwarranted judicial intrusion into matters of general prison administration,’ mcu claims must be based on facts, not on ‘gossamer strands of speculation and surmise.

The defendants frequently burden the plaintiffs’ religious exercise by offering only food that falls outside the category of foods permitted in the Holy Diet.

581f corrections mci pdf

The Court denies this motion. The defendants bear the burden of demonstrating that they considered less restrictive alternatives. The defendants’ exhibit in support of its opposition indeed indicates that only one superintendent, to date, has approved the correspondence. In evaluating the defendants’ motion to dismiss, the Court considered several documents outside the pleadings, including affidavits, DOC regulations, and religious material, among other documents.

The defendants do not assert a legitimate government interest justifying a prohibition on celebration in the presence of a volunteer. Nevertheless, there is no evidence in the record that such reading is a central tenant of religious practice in the CFB.

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