This page is of questionable balance. Reason: You can’t dual-wield a staff and a blade, since the staff is a two-handed weapon. The bonus Blade Opportunity. First and foremost let me recommend the build guides for all classes on the WOTC forums found in the Character Optimization boards and. The artificer appeared in Dragon magazine # (July ), in a 4th edition playtest article.

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I’ve been in games of varying quality run by people with varying level of rules mastery so openended and fast-and-loose have wedged their way into my game philosophy.

Their attack is pretty weak, but adds OA potential. A single feat gives proficiency as Weapon, Implement, and Thrown Weapon. Class Profile Hit Points: Filling in the Blanks. Paragon Level 13 Encounter This is, appropriately, a good level for upgrading your level 1 power of filling a hole in your selections.

I think that covers it.

Battlesmith powers generally rely wrtificer intelligence for accuracy and damage, and many also gain additional benefits from high constitution.

A good way to synergize as an artificer actually is with stat stacking. Resistive formula C [ EPG: August Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Originally Posted by obryn. Lots of bonus languages, and a nice artiificer power for knowing things about enemies. Some DMs do this when confronted with defenders, giving you the impression that he’s tanking everything he comes into contact with.


Even though it’s not surgeless, affecting all allies instead of just weapon uses makes this a good upgrade of Vampiric Weapons.

Artificer (Dungeons & Dragons) – Wikipedia

Thus Artificers are able to make use of artficer creation feats such as forge ring and craft wondrous item without the experience penalty that other spell casters must take.

Originally Posted by incandescent. Specific infusions can be cast to Repair or inflict damage to any creature with a construct subtype.

Range kind of sucks. When the wielder uses the items daily power the ally absorbs the infused energy and gains hit points.

Potent Potables – The Artificer Manual (by Zathis)

This is one artifcier those powers that being able to use it every Encounter would make it so much better ie. Views Read Edit View history. All of the powers you get to choose from are strictly inferior to Magic Weapon the majority of the time, however Grasping Shards is the leading choice as a Radiant Burst that Slows.

You mix reagents, drink potions, and craft items.

I want him to succeed in his role. Healing Infusion allows artificers to use the two Healing Infusion powers two or three times per encounter depending on level. Behind door number one: Artificers only start with leather armor proficiency, no artififer proficiency and 1 less surge granted by the class than all other leader classes.

Artificer (4e Class)

Thunder, Imp vs AC. Your survival relies on your skill with the blades of war, and your ability to improve them. You use a staff or quarterstaff to attack with. New to 4e – Feel useless as an Artificer Well it depends heavily on your choice of powers but you can be very useful.


THP – Temporary hit points. Post as a guest Name. These workshops sell, repair and modify magical equipment making them key vendors for adventurers. As an artificer, you might be a formal student of magic who became interested in artifacts and arcane items. Breath Augments of Note: Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Artificers represent many of the high-magic elements of Eberron as a campaign setting.

PP – Paragon path. By using our site, you acknowledge attificer you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

This lends itself well to using the Static Shock or Thunderous Anguish wands. DDO community manager Amanda Grove said she enjoyed playing the class in the game, although she said using two hands to shoot rather than one was difficult. Other prerequisites are noted in paranthesis. Just enough better than Slick Concoction to still be worth taking.

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