Get the form # Description. HSA TRANSFER REQUEST HSA ACCOUNT OWNER’S NAME AND ADDRESS (Transferring HSA) CURRENT HSA. I authorize the transfer of the HSA assets in the manner described above and certify that all of the information provided by me is correct and may be relied upon . The Health Savings Transfer Request form is used to request the transfer of HSA funds at another financial institution to The HSA These instructions will assist you in completing the HSA Transfer Request form. If / H (Rev.

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An example user interface in snap mode is shown in FIG. The device may process each purchase control setting to ensure that no setting is violated. If the user approves the card selection, the user or user wallet device may send a card selection approval message back to the Pay Network server. The Pay Network database may store the determined benefits for each card. In one implementation, this is accomplished by performing an optical character recognition OCR scan on the image to extract customer information.

In one tgansfer, a user may select the history mode to view a history of filtered prior purchases and perform various actions on those prior purchases. Processing the new card request may include, among other things, verifying that the user has an account with the owner of the pay network, determining whether the card issuer is a participant in a loyalty program, determining whether an incentive applies, and matching the user’s account information with a digital wallet profile.

For example, a user may choose three of four payment cards, to use. In one implementation, the user may configure rules and subscription channels for different payment account associated with the electronic wallet.

In one implementation, the user may establish customized rules for triggers of a transaction alert. The user may checkout using the user’s virtual wallet app executing on the user device, or may utilize a communication mechanism e.

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In some implementations, the pay network server may parse the trigger, e. For example, in some implementations, the pay network server may redirect the client to a value-add server e. In some implementations, the user may provide login input into the client, e. Once the amounts to be debited from one or more forms of payment are finalized by the user, payment authorization may begin.

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In one exemplary embodiment, if there are numerous query results relevant and applicable to each selected purchase item e.

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In some implementations, the server may also generate a purchase receipt, e. In some implementations the search results may include historical billing transactions of the user, as well as upcoming bills e. The user interface may then display the results of the query such as transactions In some embodiments, once the merchant is recognized the service may select the optimal card for the consumer to make the purchase.

The transger or user wallet device may send purchase input information to a client client device, or point-of-sale terminal, etc. The merchant server may determine whether the user possesses sufficient funds in the card account to conduct the transaction.

The nsa application may then perform the reallocation as the back end.

In this case, payment network server communicates with smart phone to provide both a secure method of payment and to apply any pertinent discounts to the transaction. For example, the issuer server may issue a command to deduct funds from the user’s account or add a charge to the user’s credit card account. The pseudo PAN may be a static or dynamic pseudo Pan.

In one implementation, the user may select the payee Jane P. For example, the search results may be organized according to a type, date, description, or offers. A merchant may enroll with the pay network to facilitate transactions at the merchant’s website or at the merchant’s store using the secure digital wallet. For example, the pay network server may determine the location of a user’s client device—a smart phone, perhaps—and then compare that location to a database of known merchant locations in the area.

The pay network server may generate a query for application programming interface API templates for various social networking services e. Product information is selected from a webpage catalog or entered into a point-of-sale terminal device, or the information is entered automatically by scanning an item barcode with an integrated barcode scanner.


The virtual wallet application may query a database using fields identified in the extracted data, for a type of the QR code, In this example, a user may log into a website via a computing device.

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For example, a selection may include a multiple-merchant entry—this may be the case when a user is paying for products in a cart, wherein the products themselves are from multiple merchants. If the device determines that the user desires to exchange a pre-existing offer, e. In some implementations, the client may obtain track 1 data from the user’s card as enroll input e.

United States nonprovisional patent application Ser. The consumer may make a payment at a traditional Point Of Sale device using the master Pan.

In some implementations, the wallet application may require the user to enter a password or answer a challenge question successfully before allowing the user to modify a user setting.

The device may stop a timer associated with the current URL e. 33002

Once at the Pay Network server, the Has Network server may determine the optimal card to use. For example, the EOOR may identify, from the aggregated data, that a household entity with identifier H may include a user entity with identifier John Q.

In some embodiments, the payment could initiated by the actual master card, or be a special card with the pseudo Pan, or a smart phone, or any mechanism that could pass the desired PAN.

At any time, the user may be able to reset the visualization to a default perspective see In some yransfer, the device may extract any user-input offer generation restrictions e.

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Processing of the discount information may be performed at either the user’s client device, at the pay network server, or some combination of both. For example, the originators may submit complex queries to the EOOR in a structure format, such as the example below. For example, the proceeds of transactions requuest by the merchant may be deposited into an account maintained by the acquirer.

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