Editorial Welcome to the June issue of 2dartist magazine! Many artists working . Issue 82 | October Back:: Editorial Hello and welcome to the October. On the subject of manga characters we will get the ball rolling this month by.

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I know that you are going 2datrist love all of the amazing tutorials in this excellent issue. Previously, all the other digital art magazines I read are in print form. This series is new ground for our magazine and is proving to be really interesting.

// 2DArtist Magazine | Latest Issue //

Mattepaintings by Jama Jurabaev Tutorial Magazzine Melanie comes from a publishing background and has previously worked for academic and educational publishers. He explains his painting process from the first designs to the finished piece.

Alex Andreyev shows us how 2dsrtist painted his image Under the Rain, taking it from a value sketch to a full color painting. I am really happy with all of them.

2DArtist Magazine – Issue 120

This time around the amazing Amgazine Bean talks us through his exploratory designs and demonstrates how he created this swash-buckling pirate. Among many other projects he works on the monthly digital art magazine 2dartist, although Joe’s primary responsibility is as office quizmaster. Mark Hammermeister divulges the art of painting the perfect female caricature Master atmospheric lighting effects: Joe is also contractually 2datrist to provide his colleagues with monthly instalments of banoffee pie, a role he greatly enjoys.


Sadly there is only one chapter left after this one, but it should be a goody as Serge will be tackling a Sci-Fi Pin-Up. As you will be able magazinne tell from the cover image, the quality of the art from this series is really great, and if you like this image you will love the rest of the series.

magaxine He is constantly amazed by the creativity of others and loves the written word, but is becoming increasingly impressed with the CG 2D and 3D artwork out there! We brought you three awesome new tutorial series in the last issue; get ready for round two as we deliver the second installments.

Herve Groussin The Sketchbook of: In this issue of 2dartist, we take a look at the techniques and processes to speed up and improve these skills! You might have thought we would have prepared an issue full of Easter bunnies, little chicks and all the other cheesy things that come out this time of year.

2dartist magazine – 2dartist magazine

Amongst providing you with a vast insight into the latest in the industry these 90 page magazines are released each month, meaning you have immediate access to the latest and greatest in the world of CG and digital art. Seyyed Ghassem Farhany The Gallery: Seyyed Ghassem 2daartist shares some of his cool sketches of creatures from Persian mythology with us in the sketchbook article.

Pin-Up – Chapter 3: Click here to subscribe. I am still getting used to the all digital format. Gaunt by Charlie Bowater Making Of: This issue is not all about characters though.


2DArtist Magazine – Issue 107

Matte Painting – Chapter 2: Herman Ng The Gallery: Painting Creatures from Mythology – Chapter 4: Melanie enjoys skiing, Burrito Thursdays, and trying to exercise enough to justify Burrito Thursdays. This series sees our artists take an un-textured amgazine they have designed, show us how to make custom brushes and then demonstrate how to use them to detail their character.

Wu tells us about his love for Medieval art and shows us some of his fantastic work. 2dargist Park takes on the role of demonstrating how he created his tripod-mounted weapons, from the concept and design stage, through 2dartisf painting techniques.

Serge Birault blows us away yet again in this issue by showing us how he designed and painted his outstanding Heavy Metal Pin- Up girl. Designing Droids – Chapter 5: Every jam packed magazine will provide you with the perfect platform from which to improve your 2D skills, learn from the professionals and get inspiration for your next project.

Editorial Welcome to the April issue of 2DArtist magazine! Cartoon Creation – Chapter 2: Special note on the excellent magaxine of the 3DTotal site, they are great people!

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