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x. Report 22 TCN (Xu ly dat yeu bang bac tham).pdf Documents · 22 TCN 22 TCN Cat gia co xi mang – TCN Pham vi. 2, Direction Sign on Expressway, 22TCN 30, Design and Handling Design Process on weak ground with absorbing rush, 22 TCN 22TCN 7. Standard for soft soil treatment design with PVD. 22TCN – 8. Geo-textiles in construction of embankment on soft soil.

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Length of sub-grade near abutment is 3 times of abutment footing length of the other abutment. Page 21 of Requirements on design and arrangement of settlement monitoring system during embankment execution on soft soil II. Page 27 of Width of buffering sand layer surface shall be 22ttcn least 0.

During calculation of stability and settlement of direct embankment on natural ground including soft soil under it or on soft soil. Notice for settlement estimation Page 32 of Hang upon the formation causes, soft soil may become from mineral or organic matters I.

Trung Luong – My Thuan Expressway Stage 1 – Implementing project

Berm width on each side should exceed scope of the most dangerous displacement curve from m the most dangerous displacement curve shall be calculated in accordance with the method described in V. Expressway and highway class 80 2. Resistance against shear properties shall apply accelerated shear method.

VI-7 and Table VI Page 9 of Distribution scope of soft soil areas regarding distribution area. Requirements on embankment stability Page 2 of 40 22 TCN – Embankment on soft soil should be stable, undamaged due to changes in the construction of embankment embankment is carried out in accordance with design or carried out with elevation over the one in 22txn for pre-loading and in operation afterwards. Uv — Vertical consolidation is determined as mentioned in Article VI.


Classic or Bishop Method with circular displacement surface deepening down into soft soil shall be adopted as the basic method for calculation of embankment stability on soft soil.


Width of sliding piece di shall not be more than 2m and length of sliding curve within each piece l i must be located on the same soil layer. This standard shall defines all regulations on topography survey, investigation and geotechnical test of the soft ground crossed by the route; as well as other requirements and specifications satisfied on designing embankment on the soft ground by the equivalent formation and calculation methods and alternatives and applicable scope of these methods for embankment work on the soft ground except the other special methods such as soft ground treatment by penetration electricity, limestone piles, cement piles, concrete piles, and sand piles, etc….

If adopting embankment method divided into many times.

Depending on testing result of drawing compression curve e — lgp Figure 1. The rods are made by steel. Filling method shall be conducted from natural ground of non-soft soil to soft soil ground for direct embankment on soft soil.

U done as in VI.

Hence, the objectives of the regulations in this standard is to ensure the dimension and geometric factors of the embankment on the soft ground including sub-grade elevation being as same as in the design during construction and exploitation later. With Su calculated according to V It is advised to use sand piles with mm diameter arranged alternatively with the interval equally to folds of sand pile diameter.


This compression curve is also drawn as lge — lgp. Page 25 of One layer of geotextile above 50cm embankment 3. In terms of natural condition, peat soil is classified into 3 types as follows: Page 18 of On grade I peat or soft and viscous soil area with peat thickness of less than m. Each sliding piece consists of all soil layers counted from sliding surfaces upwards including buffer sand layer. In the curve e — lgp.

Using method of soft soil excavation 22tcj chained excavator. In preparation of technical design and detailed design stage.

Vertical consolidated drainage method is normally adopted when soft soil layer is thick its thickness is excessive to width of embankment bottom and embankment ground is high.

22 TCN 246-98 x

If soft soil layer including soil layers with different Ch. For soft soil layers are located under underground water levels. IV-8 and IV-9 or not.

Page 14 of Fs and Fr in the formula VI11 are determined as follows: There are at least 2 geological cross sections on each soft soil area.

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