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Keep all parts in order with respect to their location in the cylinder head. It is not necessary to increase engine RPM above idle.

Polaris Sportsman 400 Manuals

Oil Pump Assembly – projex inbox. Body Assembly, Pilaris View If yoke or bearing is removed, cross bearing must be replaced. Remove piston circlip and push piston pin out of piston. Master Cylinder Disassembly – projex inbox. Remove the three springs from gear shift selector.

When the fan switch reaches the specified temperature, it be- comes conductive and sends power to the fan motor. Thoroughly clean the cam shaft, making sure the oil feed holes are not obstructed. Drain whenever deposits are visible in the clear tube.

Owner’s Manuals | Polaris

Always inspect camshaft lobe if rocker arms are worn or damaged. Front Caliper Installation – projex polafis. Awd Front Prop Shaft Removal – projex inbox. Remove center shaft assembly by tapping on opposite side with a soft face hammer.

Ignition System – projex inbox. Selecting a hone which will straighten as well as remove material from the cylinder is very important. Using a flare nut wrench, remove hand brake inner and auxiliary brake outer lines.


Clamp gear shift selector body lightly in a soft jawed vise. Install bushing removal tool Item E into center of clutch sheave.

Polaris Sportsman Manual | eBay

Install main adapter Item 8 on puller. Drain and properly dispose of transmission oil. Driven Clutch Puller PN 8.

Armature Testing – projex inbox. Check brake system for fluid leaks. Brake Fluid dicated level inside reservoir. Install outer yoke, aligning marks made before disassembly. Refer to illustration on pplaris page for fuel pump compo- nent identification. SRemove the battery from the machine and wash the case and battery tray with a mild solution of baking soda and water.

Skip to main content. Replace as an assembly if worn, damaged, or if problems were noted on page 6. Battery Installation – projex inbox.

Normally positioned so part numbers are easily read. Remove pinion gear retaining plate and pinion gear assembly. Remove sporgsman side shock absorber. Page 60 – projex inbox. Keep Spacers In Order 9. Gasket The pre filter should be cleaned before each ride, using the following procedure.

Pinch the sheaves lightly together with clamp to prevent the belt from being pushed into the driven sheave. Note orientation of grease fitting and mark inner and outer yoke for correct re-positioning dur- ing installation. Install and torque both lower control arm bolts.

Apply Polaris Premium Starter Drive grease to the camshaft main journals and cam lobes. Transmission Bearing End of Housing Shaft 3. Shift Weight Inspection, Button To Tower Clearance Inspection All PVT system maintenance repairs must be per- formed only by an authorized Polaris service technician who has attended a Polaris sponsored service training seminar and understands the proper procedures as outlined in this manual.


Install the Woodruff key, drive sprocket, and slotted nut. Follow the manufacturers instructions provided with the valve seat cutters in the Cylinder Head Recondi- tioning Kit PN Bend both ends of cotter pin around nut in opposite directions.

Pull bushing removal tool and adapter from puller rod. Crankshaft Straightening – projex inbox. To identify which series the key is, take the first two digits on the original key and refer to the chart to the right for the proper part number.

Slide camshaft inward to allow removal of cam sprocket and remove sprocket from camshaft and chain. Loosen front wheel nuts slightly. The actuator ball in the camshaft is not replaceable. Pull release lever at the rear of the seat Lift and pull seat rearward, disengaging seat from tabs at the rear of the fuel tank Side panels See page 5.

The recoil is under spring tension.

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