10, Dreams Interpreted [Gustavus Hindman Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gustavus Hindman Miller’s groundbreaking. Dreams Interpreted has ratings and 48 reviews. Gustavus Hindman Miller’s groundbreaking masterwork, published nearly a century ago, remains. 10, Dreams Interpreted Paperback New edition by According to Gustavus Hindman Miller, every symbol that appears in a dream has its own unique.

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Homer accorded to some dreams divine origin. Our baby was taken sick.

Our day’s thoughts are filled with the warnings and presence of the inner mind and our night’s thoughts are gustavhs and often controlled by our external mind. Thus it becomes his invisible counterpart. One feels that there is a force unknown, proceeding, not from our physical organization, but from that hlndman us which can think.

This impression is superabundantly confirmed by investigation concerning the unknown faculties of the soul, when active in dreams and somnambulism. When the waking mind dwells upon any subject, ugstavus dream mind is more or less influenced by it, and it often assists the waking mind in solving difficult problems. Just as the great physical sun, the center of visible light, life and heat, is striving to purify the foul miasma of the marsh and send its luminous messages of love into the dark crevices of the earth, so mi,ler Great Spiritual Sun, of which the former is a visible prototype or reflection, is striving to illuminate with Divine Wisdom the personal soul and mind of man, thus enabling him to become cognizant of the spiritual or Christ presence within.

The physical sun sends its light into the dark corners of the earth, and God, the Spiritual Sun, imparts spiritual light niterpreted the passive and receptive soul. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Well, and does not every one feel that we have here to do with manifestations from beings capable of thought, and not with material physiological facts only?


10,000 Dreams Interpreted : An Illustrated Guide to Unlocking the Secrets of Your Dreamlife

The 100000 of the book gives the reader ease of use, the topics are extensive, easy to locate with a comprehensive cross reference throughout the book. Dream symbolism and dream interpertation is just one small aspect of dreaming. It is sometimes partly opened to him in his dreams, but in death is clearly revealed.

Mar 10, Kate Zirkle rated it really liked it Shelves: These he can study best by the astronomy of induction and introspection.

Mamma, I have seen Mamma. There are those in the world who lack subjective strength, material or spiritual, and hence they fail to receive dreams, however symbolic, because there is no power within them to retain these impressions. The constant dwelling of the mind upon certain things distorts their shapes upon subjectivity, thus throwing dreams in exactly opposite channels to the waking reality.

The past and future interpgeted embrace more of the conditions that surround him than the present.

Dream Dictionary (10,000 Dreams Interpreted – by Gustavus Hindman Miller)

Firstly, no book knows what’s going on in any given dreamer’s awake life, hence the dictionary definitions of what a dream’s various elements might mean is li People come to me with their dreams, asking for interpretation.

Aug 27, Autumn rated it liked it. All are in cosmic interdependency as they are in the macrocosm. We may infer how it does this, but we cannot explain the process of transformation any more than we can explain why certain tropical birds are burnished with glowing colors, and that other birds under the murky skies are gray and brown, while in the Arctic regions they bleach.


In sleep we see, without being awakened, the angry lightning rend the midnight clouds, and hear the explosive thunder hurl its fury at us; but can we explain it any more than our scientist can explain the natural forces of thought, of love and hate, or the subtle intuition of woman?

If you want to have fun – get this book! At that moment his mother was dying far away from him page I was much troubled about my dream, and soon started in the direction of my brother-in-law’s house. The beauty of the book is what makes it stand out among similar titles. Paperbackpages.

Apr 16, Laura rated it it was amazing Recommended to Laura by: There are three pure types of dreams, namely, subjectivephysical and spiritual. They cannot be analyzed in detail or as a whole.

A woman may see a serpent in waking life and through fright lose reason or self-control. We dream what gutsavus about to happen.

Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted; Or, What’s in a Dream by Gustavus Hindman Miller – Free Ebook

She did not even know he was ill. Be the first to ask a question about 10, Dreams Interpreted.

The foregoing dream was related to me by a practical, successful business man who never speculates. Looking for beautiful books? I certainly hope this isn’t the cream of the crop because if it is I’m sticking with my own conclusions.

There are many people who have no natural taste for music, and who do not know one note from another.

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