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...Serkan - En Büyük Hocam!! My outstanding Fenerbahçe teacher!  In the meantime i met many other supporters but nobody - NOBODY - compares
to you. The way YOU support Fenerbahçe is the only way! I'm glad it was
you who tought me Fenerbahçe. Du bist das Beste, was mir jemals passiert ist... i will love you for the rest of my life for the present you made me. Saol! See you in Istanbul! Oh, and... uh... seni özledim.

...Behcet - my dear friend from Leverkusen, my closest confidant in all cases. Thanks for being with me when our team became Şampiyon 2007, even if it was only on the phone. Danke für deine Freundschaft.

...Umut - my other great teacher and beloved friend. Fenerbahçe, Turkish politics, history, language and swearing...nothing you didn't teach me and
no topic we didn't speak about. Thanks for your patience and your friendship.
I know it will last forever.

...Cenk - min türkçe-svensk Fenerbahçe vän... You're one of a handful of supporters whose opinion and attitude concerning Fenerbahçe i will always trust and respect. You also taught me a lot, thanks for your patience and all.

...Azad - you taught me about the Islam, a big step in my life. Ich danke dir.

...Müge - Mein Schwesterchen! Danke für die Millionen Übersetzungen und für deine Freundschaft! :) Hab dich so lieb!!

...Fatih - my Frankfurt connection and my good friend. I'm happy we stayed friends. We'll meet sooner or later in any stadium ;-)

...Erdem - Ankara... what happened, where did you go? Army?? I'm really worried. In case you read this, contact me.

...Kaan - Oha, what shall i say about you? The only cimbom who is allowed to appear here on my credit list... When i come to Istanbul i gonna make you a Fenerbahçeli and you know how :D

...Levent - we met accidentially but this was one of the nicest accidents ever that happened to me. I have no doubts at all that this will become a long lasting friendship. Can't wait to finally welcome you in Germany.

...Ömer Y. - I poked you for a handsome face and found out you are a fanatik Fenerbahçeli and unconditionally fighting for the Turkish Republic...my respect!

...Salih - I'm still hoping that one day we're going to sort everything out.

...Sevban - You're amazing!  I wish we would live any closer...

...Tunca - How can i express my gratitude for all the translations you helped me with? Çok çok teşekkürler!

...Yalin - Too far away but close, real close. Soulmate and more. Thanks for all your support and hopefully we'll meet soon.

...Yiğit - Always ready to help, so nice and patient. Wir reden viel zu wenig, aber wenn, dann ist es immer gut. Danke!

...Ziya - My young mate from my former hometown Duisburg... Auch dir Danke für all deine Hilfe! Wedau rules :-)

My SPECIAL THANKS goes to 3 friends who are not Turkish and not even Fenerbahçe supporters, but they ever showed more respect to my team than many of my own team mates. You got all my respect forever!

...Anthony Rainbank - English and Leeds supporter. We have the same enemy, that brought us together.

...Carlo - Italian and Juve supporter. You always supported me on paltalk against eziks. When i was happy after a win you were happy with me and when i was sad you mourned with me. Lets keep in touch, il mio caro amico.

...Luke Scott - English and Chelsea supporter. I'm glad we met and i'm proud to be your friend. Hope this friendship will last for a long, long time...

...and also thanks to Ayhan (simplyX), Bice, Burak (Ates), Cem, Cemal (CFS), Çetin (little brother), Cuma, Emre, Enis (good sinner), Erhan (Izmir), Erhan (sky), Erkan (D'dorf), Gökhan, Güven, Ilker, Koray, Murat (Mike), Mustafa B., Mustafa (prince), Mustafa (Aachen), Nadıye, Ozan Yusuf, Selami, Sener, Serkan (168), Tansel, Uğur ,Zeki and so many more...

...Sete -
cel meu

Tú eres y serás siempre para mí "el número uno", en cualquier circunstancia
que se presente.  Igual cuando y adonde tú quieras ir, tú tendrás sin duda,
mi completo apoyo en todo momento!  Yo sé que tú lograrás lo que te

Muchísima suerte y gracias por todo.

...Ben and Rubén - sorry brats but someone took over the place as sexiest man alive :-) But the memory stays, one of my best ever...

...Steff - greek god... with you the whole motociclismo-thing started out years ago, such an important time of my life. Things have changed, you'll
stay. I hope.

...Eva - my friend, critic and confident. What happened?

...Hanne - sometimes silence between us but we never got lost. Thanks for everything and being a true friend.

...Rod - the first one I met on MotoGP.com years ago and still my friend. Love you babe.

...Maurice - like a boomerang... you come and go... now you're gone?

...Jase, Kenny, Lorraine, Mel, Murray and Teun - my hardcore racing family, my all-time friends, love you forever!

...JARNO - my French Connection :-) Merci pour le tout.

...Marc - a friend, a confident - there are just a few kilometres between us, i'm curious if we will ever meet...

...Paco - you're a mystery.

...Ximo - my young catalan friend and soulmate ... t'estimo bonito.

...Javier - a very, very special and exceeting person and friend, far away but as close as could be - want to share the extranet with you one day! Tu Binita para siempre.

Also thanks to Alex, Andrea, Cafenoir, Chris, CAlex, Checa, Cornel, Daniel, Eddes, Dunia, Fernando, Giac, Happe, Hardy, Janey, Jean, Jarno (Jerome), Jordi, Jörg, Kaa, Maci, Manitu, Michael, Mick, Mirko, Neo, Noel, Olaf M., Roger, Phelan, Raúl, René, Scott, Spencer, Stefan, Theo, Thomas B., Tom, ts, Uli, Volker and xa0s