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10.08.2009 - I have been quiet during the last season for reasons that don't matter here and now. But i have ONLY been quiet, didn't talk but followed all ongoings. I can't live without Fenerbahçe and without Fenerbahçe i probably won't live anymore.

Finally the new season has started. Christoph Daum is back and i'm more than happy about this. I know, i feel and i'm deeply convinced that he is the factor Fenerbahçe needs to step forward, he will lead the Club into the direction that is predetermined for us. Thanks to Aziz Başkan.

Allah Fenerbahçemi korusun.

02.08.2009 - Süper Kupa... Fenerbahçe defeated bjk 2:0 and won first Cup
of the season, congratulations!!

Still, never forget... those wins and cups are not the most important. The most important about Fenerbahçe is Fenerbahçe's honour!

Like Islam Çupi, the great journalist, once said:
"Fenerbahce's greatness is neither championship greatness nor cup greatness, their greatness is something totally different that can't be named!" 

The season 2007/2008 is over. My beloved Fenerbahçe finished the season place 2 - welcome to the Champions League 2008/2009!

We did not lose the championship.... the only losers are the corrupt Turkish Football Federation who - again - did everything to throw rocks on our path.


All you bastards out there who are trying so hard to stop Fenerbahçe... don't you see that it's useless?? YOU CAN'T STOP US!!

You can take away the championship from us by corrupted decisions, but you can NEVER take away Fenerbahçe's honour!! And that's the most important thing!!!

I don't care about championships and cups as long as Fenerbahçe keeps its honour!


23.03.2008 - Thanks for your message... love you forever!

04.03.2008 - It happened, it really happened - Quarter Final :)) 
Somehow i still didn´t realize what has happened today... I´m still in trance‚ somehow. After the game i couldn´t speak for days and still having problems to put it in words. Not necessary. It´s a fact! Fenerbahçe plays the quarter final in the Champions League!

I said it before and it´s my pleasure to repeat myself and to say it again: the time has come! How many times did i hear "one day Fenerbahçe will be the biggest team in Europe - and now when we made it to the eights final‚ i heard so many doubts that we´re going to make it even further. But we did! Quarter final!! And now i hear again "quarter final is fine"‚ but i keep saying that EVERYTHING is possible now! The time has come.

I do not "hope" for more‚ i BELIEVE in more!!

17.02.2008 - It has come true: ulusoy does not longer presides over the TFF.
The new president is Hasan Dogan. Never heard the name before... we will see.

Still hard to believe ulusoy has really gone. For some reason it still feels like he would all sneek around a corner all of a sudden with this freaking face.

Actually i don't believe the last word is spoken in this matter. Too bad i don't get the full story together, but i heard that the FIFA made any investigations in terms of ongoings in Turkish football. In case they had detected any inconsistencies this had probably dangered the participation at the EURO 2008. Possible that ulusoy was forced by whoever to leave - for the momen. This would explain the very sudden election of the new TFF president. We have to wait and see what will happen after the EURO 2008...

16.11.2007 - And they're doing it again... once again this corrupt TFF is trying to interfere TSL's competition. Red cards for Deivid and Edu for NOTHING whilst 6s is getting spoilt with completely inapprehensible and idiotic penalties.

LISTEN YOU MORONS... Fenerbahçeyle ugrasamazsiniz!!
We're still going to be ŞAMPIYON!!!!!

Fuck the referees, fuck 6s, fuck all other teams, fuck ulusoysuz and fuck the tff... all bastards!!!


06.11.2007, Champions League, Liverpool - 8eziktaş 8:0!! .... The highest loss in the Champions League ever, a big shame for Türkiye represented by
a club like this, but a highlight for all who care shit about the jimnastic club.
It was amazing, right after the game ended the forums were packed with ever new lampoons and cartoons, collages and funny pics...

It must have been fate that this happened on November 6, Fenerbahçe's anniversary of the legendary 6:0 win over 6s. They didn't loose 7:0 and not 9:0.... No, it HAD to be 8:0!!! :))) From now on both teams will never again get rid of their laconic names 6s ve 8eziktaş.

Here my personal creation ;)

Once again we only drew (Fenerbahçe 1:1 Rizespor). Five games, five goals. Place 8 after week 5. Nothing to be happy about and surely something needs to be changed - NOW... IMMEDIATELY!!

But still it's not the team or the Club that turns me down, one more time it's these fans - or better said those who call themselfes "fans" - who are really pissing me off. Why - WHY can't they stand behind the team when support
is mostly needed?? Why can't they shout "change something" instead of demanding Zico's departure? Who has stolen Fenerbahçe fan's patience and unflinching support??

Matchday 5 (!!!) and i saw people already putting the question if 6S is going to be champion this season.... HUH????? What kinda bullshit is this??

1. Week 5 - NOTHING is lost yet - everything's possible - the opera ain't over before the fat lady sings!

2. Where has the faith gone? How can our fans predict against their own team??

3. Why do our fans only show fully support the moment we win? "In good times and in bad times..." The team needs our fully support NOW, more than ever!

4. What's this 6S fuzz about?... No matter if they are leading the TSL ranking list at the moment, no matter if they scored more goals in one game than we did during the entire season - 6S is and STAYS serefsiz, no matter what!!!!
Don't waste your energy on thoughts about a serefsiz team and use this wasted energy instead in supporting OUR team - use this energy to push Fenerbahçe forward instead of continually bashing the Board, the coach and the players!

31.08.2007 - From the very first time i joined the Antu Forum i realized the Antu Forum was something special. A forum run by fans for fans. It's still the most frequented forum on the list of "soccer message boards and forums" and provides fans with all they need to know about our Club and beyond.

And it influenced my life. I met a lot of colour mates, started to talk to many of them not only in the forum itself but also via private messages or instant messengers. And some of them became real good and close friends. This way
i also met Sener who does not live far away from my home. Last Tuesday, the day before the Anderlecht match, he came to visit me and stayed until next noon, then he had to leave for the game in Belgium. I was happy we had the chance to meet face-to-face and we had a really great time. Hope to meet him soon again. Antu made it happen... :-)

03.08.2007 - 3rd Qualifying Round - We drew ANDERLECHT.
For sure i won't underestimate any team, but it could have been worse...

29.08.2007 - We defeted Anderlecht with a final result of 3:0 - CHAMPION'S LEAGUE, HERE WE COME!!!

16.07.2007 - 21:38 CET this moment, daylight has almost gone and i'm in a strange mood... I mean, one or the other way Fenerbahçe is always on my mind, 24/7 so to say. But right now i'm sitting at the pc, i'm listening to love songs via head phones and right this moment i'm so very much aware how much i love this Club. The saying "DFY - die for you" is so present right now. I'm happy and same time i'm crying. Oh boy, what a big love this is.... 

01.07.2007 - http://www.fenerbahce.org/detay.asp?ContentID=7927

When Roberto Carlos had his medical check, the doctor asked him if he had any allergies. Roberto replied that he is allergic to 6S... Best laughter i had
since a long time!! :-)

17.06.2007 - Rüştü Reçber has signed with bjk... I have no words.

13.06.2007 - Tuncay has signed with Middlesbrough. I will miss him badly and yet i cannot imagine any game without him. But if this is his wish, i'll respect it and i wish him good luck and success. Middlesbrough is a very lucky team and a huge number of new supporters will follow their development from now on.

Tuncay is a Fenerbahçe legend and will always be, but the way he left was not the way a Fenerbahçeli should leave...

06.06.2007 -  Finally it's confirmed: Roberto Carlos has signed with Fenerbahçe! Hoşgeldiniz Roberto!!

31.05.2007 - I'm not going to join all these rumours about potential new players or those who are probably ready to leave the Club. There is too much talk about all this already in the media, new speculations every day and from all sides. Everybody is complaining about QTM but for some strange reason every new rumour seems to be welcome and is taken for real.

What i will do is to keep the actual transfers updated. You will find the updated list on Lacivert Asildir / The Team .

21.05.2007 - I enjoy to talk and write about Fenerbahçe and the book i'm writing, i write with all my heart and blood. But...
In Germany we have a saying: "wo Licht ist, dort ist auch Schatten" - Literally it means "where light is there are also shades". Unfortunately i had to make the sad experience that there is someone on Antu Forum who enjoys to just copy some of my texts and sometimes even perceptions about Fenerbahçe i had expressed before. This goes on now for almost one year and it's is really annoying.
I spend day and night to read, learn, research and to get Turkish articles translated and somebody just copies and pastes. And in the meantime the person is not only mimicking me as far as i could see but also others... YUH!
I'm curious when this person will also claim to write a book or will copy more
of my texts from these writings here. I tell this person: git be kardesim! You don't understand it? Well, get it translated :-)

The Super Cup will be played in KÖLN (!!!) which is only 65 km (~40 miles) from my home :-)  I'll go to support the team together with my friend Behcet, who was me on the phone when Fenerbahçe became Champion (like mentioned below). After 18 months of friendship the first time we gonna meet. I'm very happy to join this event together with my good friend. Date: August 5, 2007.

14.05.2007 - What a day it was yesterday... I don't know where to start, so many things i want to say... I'll start on Thursday April 26, semi final of the Fortis Türkiye Kupası.

We lost this cup. One more time a game was NOT decided by achievements but by referee's bias. The emotions collapsed. Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım and Vize Ali Koç did not keep silent any longer and blamed the TFF and haluk ulusoy in public (and they did well!). For the first time they did not rule out anymore that Fenerbahçe would probably leave the TSL aswell as the tv pool. It escalated the weekend after when we had to play Denizlispor at home at Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadı: our club denied entrance for the ligtv cameras! In the end they got permission, a last minute decision. Obviously all these incidents influenced the players and we drew Denizli, at a stage in the TSL when a win was urgently needed to extend our lead in the league.

The dust settled a bit the week after and then things changed after our team defeated bjk 0:1 on Saturday May 5 on their own ground. This win brought the crucial turnabout and after the game our players celebrated hilariously with the fans. All of a sudden we were as close at could be to achieve the title in the next match already: a draw against trabzonspor would be enough in case bjk and 6S would also at least draw their upcoming matches.

Since that semi final i could not sleep anymore. All sleep i could get was at stages... 1 hour here, a few minutes there. Since that day i didn't sleep longer than 2 hours in a row. First it was the anger about the TFF intrgues, later on
- after we received this good position by beating bjk - i was fully confident about our team but worried about what obsticales they would put in our way next to keep us away from the deserved title win...

Since Saturday it became worse. We had all chances in our hands to bring the whole thing to an end on this weekend. I felt paralyzed, every single atom of my body was concentrated on Sunday May 13, 18:00 CET, match start... Although i was watching at home on my own, i was dressed in Fenerbahçe colours, i'd put up make-up in sarı ve lacivert and so were my fingernails, each one painted with a little Fenerbahçe flag :-) Kıraç's Fenerbahçe march had put me in the perfect fighting mood...

What happened?? Trabzon scored in minute 2'!!! They attacked and scored! And as fast as they scored Fenerbahçe stroke back - Tuncay hit for 1:1 only one minute later!!!!!!!  I could feel my heart pulsing all over... In the meantime Bursaspor started to fuck bjk early, they were leading by 1:0, 2:0 whilst 6S was leading 1:0 against Sivasspor... Shortly before halftime trabzon suddenly scored for 1:2... How could this be?? Exactly what we desired has happened - bjk was about to lose their game, all of a sudden it looked like if we had left the main rival behind but now had to face the old arch rival again. Due to 6S' better goal difference to bjk it would had been them who were right behind us now.

During the halftime break i had some discussions with a few guys. Once again Deivid was blamed because he missed a goal right before halftime, so did Alex, but Deivid stayed the scapegoat. I defeated him, things like this happen, it belongs to the sport, no matter if we like it or not. I also claimed once again that we still had another 45 minutes to play and everything was possible...

Personally something very nice happened to me: my good friend Behcet, a turk who lives in Germany, called me on the phone. (Behcet and i met about 1,5 years ago when he sold a Fenerbahçe DVD on ebay. Since then we are in contact and became real good friends). Normally we only send e-mails so this call was something special. He just came back from a trip and called me during 1st half to get the so far result. Instead of driving home to his wife he took a taxi to the next best Turkish café to watch the rest of the match. Here and then short calls and a handfull of text messages in between...

About 10 minutes before game's end... Bursaspor led by 3:0 in the meantime. 
I received a sms from Behcet where he said that what i wrote above, that it's unbelievable and obviously our arch rival will now be "enemy no. 1" once again. I send him a sms back and my exact words were: "Wir haben noch 10 Minuten um daran zu feilen" ("we have another 10 minutes to change things"). This sms was send 19:46 CET... 19:47 i sent my next sms "Toooor!" - Goalllllll!  Deivid has scored for 2:2!!!!!! About the same moment i received a message from a friend on MSN who told me that Sivasspor has scored aswell - 1:1 against 6S.

If the results would stay like this, we'll be CHAMPION!! And the results stayed. Behcet called once again and we were on the phone when the Fenerbahçe match ended. I didn't dare yet to cheer because i had no idea if 6S had probably scored last minute for what reason ever... But then heard the people in this café shouting in the background and i realized we made it, Fenerbahçe was ŞAMPIYON!!!!!!!!

Exactly one year after we were cheated by 6S, córdoba, the TFF and ulusoy we got back what we deserve!

For the first time i was allowed to take part. When i "met" Fenerbahçe about 2 years ago, they had just become champion. Last year... well, we all know what has happened. It was also different as i didn't watch any games yet last season, didn't visit the english forums yet and had far less information. This season for the first time i was fully involved, watched almost every game and followed the season carefully from the very beginning.

ŞAMPIYON FENERBAHÇE... and this title in our Centenary!!!!!!  I started to cry and kept crying for hours. I watched "Maraton" and saw the players and fans celebrating. I saw the people celebrating on Bağdat Caddesi at Kadiköy and i was wondering if my great teacher was amongst them... i bet you were.

What an awesome and overwhelming feeling. I felt safe and warm, all over.

One incidents disturbed this blessedness all of a sudden... obviously Tuncay had announced in an interview that he was ready to leave Fenerbahçe to join any european team. Nothing confirmed yet, no negotiations so far, but it seems he received various offers and would be ready to play in Europe. This news was killing me. But as i said, nothing is confirmed yet so i will wait and see. I hope he stays at Fenerbahçe.

I wish i could have been there at Bağdat Caddesi... This championship i had to celebrate on my own and with my internet friends. But i know one day my wish will come true and i'll celebrate at Kadiköy. I don't belong here anymore, i need to go there.

09.04.2007 - Last weekend (matchday 27) showed once again very clearly that Fenerbahçe does not only play against another 17 teams but also against football authorities. Tümer was fouled and one more time we didn't get a penalty. The statistic says that Fenerbahçe is without any penalty since 36 games now. Same day bjk got very penalty against Rizespor in minute 8', scored 1:0 and this was the final result. They were not able to polish this result and therefore came very close now.

I know some people call it paranoia but i don't care, because it's just a fact that Fenerbahçe becomes treated differently than all other teams, no matter
if we're talking about penalties, fines, suspension, whatsoever... Edu received a red card in the last match and obviously a 3 match ban - right that moment when we're going to meet bjk for the Turkish Cup and diffult TSL matches are awaiting us. Coincidence? Unfortunately we have to fear for the next games that more players are going to receive yellow cards, that might change to yellow/red, just to weaken the team.

How to motivate a team when the TFF keeps throwing rocks on their path? Last year it was 6S, this year bjk seems to be the priviledged team. It's so annoying. We have to fight harder and thwart ulusoysuz and his myrmidons.

01.04.2007 - It's not even two years that i started to follow Fenerbahçe.
In the beginning i had no idea how to follow the games live, mostly i listened to Antu Radyo. This season i finally found out live coverage and here and then i buy these online broadcasts, of course for Fenerbahçe games only.

Today i paid again and watched the match Fenerbahçe-Ankara. After that,
the connection stayed on and i could also watch the game Ankaragücü-6S (something i would never pay for, but it was an experience). I was shocked, what a bunch of morons on the pitch - screaming, yelling, hunting the referee after every decision. 6S player hasan şaş kept arguing and exclaiming. If any Fenerbahçe player had behaved that way, he would have been sent off the matchfield immediately. This behaviour showed clearly why they are called "ezik"... dirty, not a spark of decency, no respect. Sadece YUH!

08.03.2007 - Lately it happened more an more often that some of our supporters turned against the team and single players. During the AZ match they whistles and booed at players. Favoured scapegoats were Volkan, Deivid and Alex, but also Zico. It even went so far that Volkan was threatened by so called "fans". After the draw against Sivasspor voices came up who demanded "Zico istifa"....

For me this behaviour is inapprehensible and very disappointing. Of course i can understand the disappointment after we sacked the UEFA Cup and missed chances in the Süper Lig to win our own games and hurry away after the runner ups drew or lost, but this behaviour against our players is to condemn.

Fenerbahçe fans don't boo their players - NEVER!! This is incompatible with everything Fenerbahçe stands for. We need to show respect and we need to show a lot more patience.

What about these words i learned and i've always been so proud of...

Hep yenilsede gelecegim
Hiç yenmesede sevecegim.
Acı icinde ölecegim.
Yine Fenerligim diyecegim...

This is what i expect from our fans, respect and support in good and in bad times. We have to be silhouetted against those clubs who use to treat their players this way. We are different.

February - The Turkish singer Kiraç has composed an awesome tune for our Centenary - 100.yıl bestesi. Here is the link to watch it on youtoube but i want to request all Fenerbahçe  suppoters to take this as an "appetizer" only and to buy the CD in the Fenerium shops.


15.01.2007 - The Turkish band Athena has produced a new song for Fenerbahçe within the Centenary festivities. See and listen yourself (and thanks to Cenk):


14.01.2007 - Today Fenerbahçe has won the Antalya Cup by defeating the german team Energie Cottbus (4:3 by penalty shoot out). Goals by Yozgatlı, Tuncay, Edu and Deivid. Congratulations on the first Cup this season, others will follow...